Winter Fashion Trace





Blame it all on cold winter season as we cover ourselves warmly in finest shearling, jackets and coats. Just before the snow was about to hit the city I spend a cold afternoon in the park looking for sunny spots. It was fun to enjoy the last moments of late Fall breeze along with blending in with beautiful Central Park nature this time of the year.

Nature can be such an inspiration to follow up with adequate color palette, and layers. Even if you don’t realize it, you are always influenced by what is around you.  I love softness of beiges, camels, cognacs, golds, creams, winter whites, chocolate browns  all marching in perfect harmony. It seemed like a neutral step to put Escada cognac shearling jacket paired with Gucci camel tussle skirt for the upcoming brunch and meeting, that day.

Enjoy your breezy snow white day!


Escada cognac lamb skin shearling

Gucci camel skirt

Moschino turtleneck

Christian Dior bag

Valentino shoes






P.S. As always I would like to hear from you how do you cope with low temperatures and snow? What do you like to wear this winter season to stay warm and chic? Share with the rest of us your comments, tips, and suggestions.


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