AmFAR Gala New York 2014


Fashion Week is officially open.
















AMFAR-1with Donna Karan 


with Harry Belafonte


with Peter Lindbergh 


with Padma Lakshmi


with supermodel Alek Wek

This was my first time attending AmFAR Gala in NY Cipriani Wall street and certainly will be one of those moments I will treasure forever. Despite low temperatures and freezing winter winds that reminded me of my native country Poland where -30C was just normal winter day the partying had to go on. The world of philanthropy and entertainment was brought together to honor and celebrate brave fight against Aids as well as kicking off opening of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Most beautiful Stars of who’s who in America lined up on the red carpet to honor and support this incredible cause. Thanks to some generous contributions $1.7 million were raised through fashion auctions and private donations to help amFar Aids research programs.  With A+ star attendance the soiree could have been easily mixed for Oscar Night or Top model reunion. My head was spinning in admiration of world’s most beautiful faces dressed in finest fashion could offer. The red carpet hangout was full of cat walk stars from Karlie Kloss, Chanel Iman, Selita Banks and Behati Prinsloo whom I rubbed shoulders for what surely was one of the most glamorous and highly anticipated annual fashion event of the year.

My Polish native Tony Award-winning actress and singer Jane Krakowski opened the stage with her beautiful cabaret singing performance and emerald green strapless dress. I was not aware the POLACK girl could sing like a real diva. Liam Neeson made a surprise appearance as presenter to Vanessa Redgrave and Joely Richardson. Legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh man of the hour was also honored, receiving his award of Courage from Robin Wright for his exceptional contributions to the global struggle against HIV/AIDS. The lovely actress genuinely shared with the audience special moments of praising his extraordinary generosity towards amfAR, which was on display that night with two lots that he donated to the event’s live auction. He also awarded the chance to sit for a private portrait commission with him, a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Harry Belafonte, Chelsea Clinton, and Kenneth Cole spoke beautifully and Grammy Award-winning Nile Rodgers, and Harry Belafonte whom I had a chance to meet and chat. The highlight of the evening was disco queen Grace Jones hitting the stage. She instantly made everyone reaching for their cameras through her spotlight floating and Hula-Hooped performance. At 65 she flamboyantly hopped up on people’s tables, electrifying the crowds with her sky high heels. The room was dazzling in climax. One could say that magnitude of everyone’s emotions were elevated. The gala was full of memorable moments, incredible individuals who make this world a better place for us every day. I m so grateful that I could be part of such an amazing gathering and I am much looking forward to attending it next year.




Why girls play games



caro 1



caro 4 effect


For one thing women are always playing and reacting with their emotions. We test all the time. “No” often means yes and “Yes” translates to no. Go figure us out. There is no logic behind it at all. We check if you get the bite. And if you don’t we aim and activate our competitive dominant component to trigger explosive mix. We are full of charms.

I always question if we dress really for ourselves, men or other women?

Wearing provocative uncensored clothes definitely get us some attention as well it may get us in trouble. Perhaps its all about the mind game, teasing on and power play. Image is often powerful but superficial at the same time. After all we get judged daily as “we are what we wear”.

It was hard to keep a poker face while playing cards with my funny pal Carolina. We both dressed in Dolce & Gabbana black and ivory pant suits and Christian Louboutin black pumps while concentrating on our winnings. The only game we decided to play for a day was game of being ourselves!


Dolce & Gabbana black suit

Dolce & Gabbana ivory suit

Christian Louboutin black patent leather pumps

P.S. As always I would like to hear from you if you play any games when dressing and dressesd? and Who do you dress for?




Addicted to parties with AnaMaria Couture



Party girls pay attention and take some notes! Are you going anytime soon to the party and want to look your best? This season is all about eye-popping strapless gowns, embellished clutches, spiked shoes and lots of glider. Look to brands like AnaMaria Couture for fresh timeless and chic styles that won’t compete with your sparkling accessories.

You can proudly show off your gown ready figure in these stylish elegant black tie designs. AnaMaria is a former model with native roots from Brazil. Her social responsibility is to make each and every woman look gorgeous in her designs. She truly understands celebration of beauty, style, chic and party. Brazilian celebrities and New York socialites are often spotted wearing AnaMaria Couture gowns and dresses. They come in variety of colors, fabrics always easy to wear silhouettes making them popular for women attending social functions and soirées.

They were definitely sensation when we wore them during our NY shoot.

Enjoy and choose you party dresses well!


AnaMaria gowns

Valentino clutch

Marc Jacobs folded clutch

Gray Flower Amber chocker

P.S. As always I would like to hear from you how do you chose your party and special occasion dresses. Where do you shop and what determines your fashion choice. Share your comments and tips with the rest of us.









How to spend Holidays in New York


Shopping starts with Store Windows




Dec is the most anticipated time of the year not only for kids, but major department stores which transform their window displays into miniature winter wonderlands.  There is a lot to admire, get some serious laughs, and It doesn’t matter if its raining or snowing. You don’t want to miss it!! This New York holiday tradition makes it possible for everyone enjoying the holidays in NYC. I recommend you wear warm clothes, comfortable shoes, and look stylish within crowded haute window shopping.

Every day on my way to work I pass my favorite store Bergdorf Goodman which is located just across the street from Boutique on 57. Their window displays are always huge hit. I purposely slow down to admire those masterly crafted holiday signature designs. They get my vote for the most creative and talented artist’s choice of theme, displays of authentic antiques, couture fashions and tons of quartz crystals. They tastefully convert unveiling spirit of christmas sophistication.

It is an amazing experience and true art . I recently watched a documentary “Scatter my ashes at Bergdorf’s”  (which by the way is amazing film) and I learned what it takes to create elaborate windows. How much time thought, precision and dedication is put into each detail.

Right across the street from Bergdorf Goodman there is freshly opened store Mackenzie- Childs. They specialize in variety of home custom decorations and ornaments. I cruised within the store admiring their beautiful crafted windows, and indoor shelves when I came across cutting-edge christmas balls that were made in my native country Poland.

All those exquisite holiday stories are perfect destination for Santa Clause to arrive soon. I am sure he is going to have award time which store to start from.  I also couldn’t make up my mind.






P.S. As always I would like to hear from you which store has your favorite holiday window displays? Let us know and share the pictures!!


Winter white accessories punch from Givenchy and Chanel


Are you always making excuses for not looking your best? 





Cosy soft ivories and beige cashmeres, winter white accessories punch is a way to go this Fall-Winter. Its fashion coolest palette. Pure and simple – effortless sophistication, composed of varying textures. They give you feeling of freshness and fashion-forward all year around. For most people Winter is all about dark colors like grays and blacks, because we worry that it will all get dirty and messy. Winter white is very versatile. Fashionable ivory sweater,scarf, fluffy hat, slacks, or a handbag can be a great simple staple at your wardrobe. Give your look a refreshing pop with a winter white pea coat, blazer, cardigan to go over your darker shades. Your hair color and makeup stands out, skin looks healthier and more radiant. And who doesn’t want it?

Winter white is crisp, clean, and chic. Its my favorite color punch this season. Winter white are great accent pieces to any wardrobe. Do not be afraid to wear it, they make bleach for a reason! If you are intimated by the monochromatic look initiate “baby winter white steps’ with scarf, handbag or shoes.

We would like to hear from you How do you wear white in winter months?


Chanel boots

Givenchy hobo bag

Max Mara cotton top






“Image is everything” At least, that’s what a recent advertising campaign said. While down deep all of us know that’s a lie, many of us still live our lives as if it were gospel truth. We judge book by its cover often missing out what is really crucial and could possibly change our life.  Somehow or another, it becomes built in that we need people to see us certain way as we have only one chance to make a good impression.  We try very hard to be liked and admired, often putting many masks camuflaging our true personality. Everybody does it. I think wanting to be liked starts in the kindergarden and carries us out through the present.

Image control originates from belief that if “I m not ok, and if people get to know me, they will come to that same conclusion, so whatever the cost, I need people to see a manufactured me instead of who I really am. This becomes our manipulation over others.  A fabricated habit in which we desperately need to be perceived.  We are waisting our energy on something that’s not real – it’s an illusion. Our true “spick and span”  personality is within us always ready to shine. We are who we really are in our hearts. And if we radiate with right energy, thinking, enthusiasm the “business” of how people feel about us will take care of itself! It become effortless! chicken-peacock-personality-test


Discover how your personality matches your Fashion essence here. 


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More Power of Chanel Classic Bags of your Dreams



Every two minutes, you buy Chanel around the world… Crazy, right?








If you’re like me, you were wishing that in the next two minutes, a Chanel bag would be on its way to your door!

And maybe you were hoping that you could forget about paying your bills this month and put your paycheck towards this instead: A classic, beautiful Chanel bag with that supple quilted leather and sparkly gold chain…

A girl can dream right?

Well, maybe it’s time to turn your dream into reality and start saving up for what you really want!

How… you ask??

Every day you walk past that Chanel bag sitting in the window on your way to work. What would you be willing to give up to finally get your hands on it? When you have a dream you have a responsibility and you are the only one who knows how to get creative. Maybe you’d be willing to give up your Starbucks Caramel Macchiato every morning.  Trust me, even the little things add up!

It’s an investment that you can pass on to your daughter. Don’t procrastinate your dreams because the longer you wait the more expensive your dream will get. Someone once said that time is money, and this really does affect your Chanel investment.


When the day comes that you finally save up enough cash to buy this beautiful bag, you will not be sorry! No matter which classic Chanel bag you choose, you can be sure that it will always be in style. A bag like this is timeless, and will keep you looking stylish anytime you use it. The classic Chanel bag is truly an investment piece and a status symbol that you can’t find anywhere else. Every time you see those interlocking “C”s in your closet it will make all of those sacrifices you made worthwhile.

I’m looking forward to hear how you get creative to buy the Chanel bag of your dreams!

To shop affordable CHANEL BAGS click here


Wintour-ween Halloween – Fashion Icons are coming




This Halloween season Devil doesn’t wear Prada but Chanel.  Just for a day I have decided to brush elbows with a few Fashion Icons to duplicate looks of mystery, inaccessibility, elegance, glamour, and curiosity. As I was dressing into each character I realized that these icons had something in common. They are unpredictable, original, and timeless.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that all poses and personality came easily.


It was challenging to step into Marylyn Monroe’s shoes and it took me over an hour to master her memorable pose in a white dress. I quickly realized why she became symbol of sex and beauty. Because Fashion gives us so much diversity in expression we continue to re-create flawless looks, behavior, and style adding a little bit of our own ingredient into the mix. To some of us this comes easily and naturally.








Today’s fashionistas have much more pressure to claim the Fashion Icon status. lts no longer sufficient just to master a red carpet walk to become a queen of one.  Competition is fierce and its only through unique creative memorable expression, individuality carried along with assertiveness that will score this crown. So in the meantime practice at the front of the mirror and camera. Be brave! and get your stylish juices going.

Only then can the rest of us can get kick out of your style and declare you a FASHION ICON.

As always I would like to hear from you who is your favorite Fashion Icon and why?  Perhaps this Halloween season you are going to get inspired by their style and will create a knock out costume that you can share here with all of us and get some laughs!!!


Anna Wintour

Blue Girl beige dress

Etro gold jacket

J.Mendel leopard print sable fur cape

Manolo Blahnik beige alligator pumps

Chanel bag

Marilyn Monroe

Blue girl ivory lace dress

Audrey Hupburn

Moschino black dress

Manolo Blahnik jeweled alligator pumps

Karl Lagerfeld

Dolce & Gabbana black purple flower jacket

Chloe black velvet pant

Jean Paul Gaultier

Valentino stripe top


Looking forward to see your costume creative brain storming!!!!<3<3<3


Indian Summer in New York



Indian Summer in New York is definitely the most beautiful time of the year.  I love walking in the Central Park Alleys admiring all magical colors of tree’s crowns and falling leaves. It reminds me of “Golden Fall” from my native home country Poland.

5th Ave is especially beautiful blossoming with Fall plants and just like a gold carpet that serves as your Autumn Walk. The last days of October and temperatures still above 50F allowed me to enjoy short sleeve dresses. I chose two dresses from Zara and paired them with Fur vest from Rizal, Porter brown leather jacket, Carlos Falchi python clutch, Michael Kors gray long gloves, Louis Vuitton tote, and Roberto Cavalli boots & Dolce & Gabbana brown pony botties. Which outfit do you like better?















Trend Alert: One Shoulder Dresses and Tops



The latest trend that fashionistas are fighting to get their hands on is the chic and sexy one-shoulder look. The one-shoulder look is one that is timeless, while still being very fashion forward for women of all ages. If you are looking to show off your sexy side without revealing too much, this is the look for you! No matter your size, shape, or age, this trend really does work for everyone, and there are so many ways to wear it! Classically, the one-shoulder look is designed for blouses, tops and dresses often worn by celebrities and fashionistas alike. However, designers started have to apply this idea in different ways for summer styles like bathing suits and cover-ups. The one-shoulder design is one way to really amp up your style without having to change your whole wardrobe.


One of my favorite ways to wear the one-shoulder trend is with a classy cocktail dress, like this Blue Girl beige chiffon silk ruffle dress, from Boutique on 57. This dress is truly a work of art with beautiful ruffles that cascade down the body with elegance. The one-shoulder detail is really what makes this dress a unique piece and different from anything else I’ve ever seen. The ruffles on the shoulder really draw the eye upward towards the face while still being effortless. This detail allows the dress to transform into a statement piece that of which you could wear to any fancy event and truly feel like the belle of the ball.BLUE-GIRL-BLUE-TOP-1

If you are looking for a more subtle way to embrace this one-shoulder look, this Blue Leopard Print top from Blue Girl would be a great option. Although the top still has two shoulders, one shoulder is more defined by extra flowing fabric on one side. It gives you the security of having two straps, while still being able to embrace this sexy style. The leopard print gives this floaty top an extra edge so it doesn’t feel too girly. I would suggest pairing this top with cute cropped shorts for the summer or with some snug cigarette style pants for cooler days. You could even throw it over a pencil skirt, and it would be a perfect blouse for work. It adds a flare of fashion without being inappropriate for your office environment!

Before heading out to stock up on this super-cute one shoulder trend, remember this piece of advice! Make sure to have the proper undergarments!! If you’ve just bought the cutest one-shoulder dress, don’t ruin it by wearing a bra with two straps! Having a bra strap sticking out from one side of your dress ruins the complete look you are trying to achieve, and it’s just not sexy! If you don’t already have one, make sure to invest in either a strapless bra, or one that has interchangeable straps. This way, you can rock your one-shoulder look without ever having to worry about what to wear underneath.

Let me know what one-shoulder looks you like to rock! I want to know what you think about this gorgeous trend!



Dress : Blue Girl 

Top : Blue Girl