Lessons from Roger Federer

Roger Federer taught me a valuable lesson today.

Oops he did it again.

Yesterday few girlfriends of mine came over to support our tennis friend Roger Federer at his 2012 Wimbledon final against Andy Murray. I was a nervous wreck before the match started. I kind of knew what to expect and still painted for fresh air conditioning breeze to unfold this electrifying historic day. The cameras were rolling and sticking to Roger’s face recording this enormous event. 

Roger knew the value of winning this match and making a history.  This meant reaching his 17th Grand Slam, reclaiming his number 1 status of the world’s best tennis player as well as teeing square 7th Wimbledon win with my other friend Pete Sampras. I was suspecting that Pete was throwing some spells at Roger from preventing it to happen. (ha ha) After all who doesn’t want to remain a legend and be remembered as the best ever?

Roger did confirm my suspicion and for the 7th time he grabbed his Wimbledon trophy sealing his win with a sweet kiss on the pot of gold.


What made a difference this time?

Have you ever wondered, as have I, what makes such a dramatic difference in people’s lives and careers? It isn’t always money or talent or hard work. It isn’t that one person wants success and the other doesn’t. You will be shocked and lit up with interest if I told you that distance to getting anything you desire is just 2 millimeters. That’s right you have heard me correctly. This minuscule correction makes your tennis or golf swing more effective, trim haircut invisible, your facelift look more neutral, because your ideal beauty is matter of millimeters, your perfect 2mm veneer smile, your Ipod as thin that fits into your jean pocket, etc. You got the idea. I like to call it 2 millimeter trance

I shared this revelation with my girlfriends as they looked captivated by the validity of my statement, and asked the obvious question?.

-What do you mean 2 millimeters correction trance?

I paused to collect my thoughts and then said.  We are all in some trance.  People are fixated about their problems and their dreams all the time. They are searching too far for the magical formulas to solve or change them.  You need to meet yourself where you already are before you can take yourself to where you want to go. And this distance is only 2  millimeter (metaphorically speaking).

– So you need to step right up?-they all yelled enthusiastically.

– This isn’t at first as obvious as it may appear. The confusion is that wonderful state right before clarity. And Roger got plenty of both during  his game. – I continued without the exhale.

The difference also lies in how attuned each person is to the spiritual forces around them and how they can tap into that power to have a more successful life.

Today Roger discovered the ability to tap into the supreme source of ultimate power, meaning, and he let it all go.  The aura around him was so visible that I felt immediately he owned it within every inch of his body. This was the most magical moment for him by raising to the level of display of outrageous tennis. He entered into the field of magic, charisma hypnotically seducing us all over again with his majestic grace.

Roger made me tick

What does this guy know that you and I can benefit from? He is one of the most down to earth people, and turns into tennis monster on the court.

We normally would do anything for those who encourage our dreams, justify our failures, allay our fears, confirm our suspicion, and help us throw the rocks at our enemies.  I was relieved no one was throwing rocks during the match (nor were there any naked runs through the court). There was a great lesson to be learned right at the front of our eyes. Roger displayed incredible tennis chemistry and encouraged me to never stop dreaming. If this guy doesn’t make you feel like you can unlock the treasure chest of success, fulfillment then you may as well forget any sort of attempt at all.

The point of this confession is that the most magical things in life -on and off the court – are often the result of the correct application of testing and finding our 2 millimeters.

Looking forward to hear about your 2 millimeters revelations.

Your fashion Guru

Kasia Bosne