What kind of fashionista are you when vacationing?


Beach, pebble of sand, sound of waves, local bar… Well do you always need to parade and show off your style or would you rather forget all about it during Summer vacation?

Photo1-11. Do you lie how many pair of shoes do you carry in your suitcase?

2. What’s in your cosmetic bag and toiletry? Do you pack sample traveling or full size bottles?

3. Are you able to pack in one suitcase to avoid the risk of paying extra baggage?

4. Do you take fashionable shorts with you?

5. Do you window shop in the clothing store by the beach? How tempted are you?

6. Do you carry every morning your signature designer bag when going to get your coffee?

7. What do you wear in the evening when you go out for dinner? Do you prefer to be casual or you doll up?

8. How do you style your hair when you go swimming?

9. What kind of jewelry do you chose for the beach?

10. Do you manicure your nails?

11. Finally what kind of clothes you would never wear in the beach?



  Let me hear your favorite fashion Beach  story?


To your dream Summer Closet!



Hamptons versus St. Tropez

Who doesn’t love summer vacations?! I know I sure do, but there are so many options it can be difficult to choose which beatufiul vacation spot is best. So who wins in this paradise showdown: the Hamptons or St. Tropez?

1. Hamptons

From the panoramic views of Montauk beach to the calm serenity of the Baker House the Hamptons have a lot to offer. Montauk is known for its awesome beaches and great views. It has its own lighthouse, which is always a big tourist attraction. In addition, there are plenty of other things to do besides hit the beach everyday. You can opt to go hiking or biking, visit a museum, go fishing, try out a variety of water sports like windsurfing or scuba diving, and so much more!

The Baker House in East Hampton may look like nothing special at first glance, but take a deeper look and you find an oasis. It is the most exclusive B&B in the Hamptons! With incredible guest accomodations and a gorgeous spa, the Baker House is the perfect getaway. Check out what it really has to offer at its website, http://www.bakerhouse1650.com/.



2. St. Tropez

Located in South of France, St. Tropez is obviously the more exotic of the two. With great views of the French Riviera and beautiful beaches, St. Tropez is definitley in the running for best summer vacation destination and tops the Hamptons in my opinion. Not only do you get the beaches, but you can explore all the France has to offer – go wine tasting, bike through a French vineyard, go to a real French bistro for breakfast!

If you decide to go there you must vacation in style like the rich and famous do and stay in the Chateau de la Messardiere.

No matter where you choose to spend your summer vacation, they’re all amazing getaways… So you can’t go wrong! Where are you vacationing this summer? I’d love to know!

Looking forward to hearing about your summer vacation destinations!

Your fashion guru,