What kind of fashionista are you when vacationing?


Beach, pebble of sand, sound of waves, local bar… Well do you always need to parade and show off your style or would you rather forget all about it during Summer vacation?

Photo1-11. Do you lie how many pair of shoes do you carry in your suitcase?

2. What’s in your cosmetic bag and toiletry? Do you pack sample traveling or full size bottles?

3. Are you able to pack in one suitcase to avoid the risk of paying extra baggage?

4. Do you take fashionable shorts with you?

5. Do you window shop in the clothing store by the beach? How tempted are you?

6. Do you carry every morning your signature designer bag when going to get your coffee?

7. What do you wear in the evening when you go out for dinner? Do you prefer to be casual or you doll up?

8. How do you style your hair when you go swimming?

9. What kind of jewelry do you chose for the beach?

10. Do you manicure your nails?

11. Finally what kind of clothes you would never wear in the beach?



  Let me hear your favorite fashion Beach  story?


To your dream Summer Closet!



You Don’t Need a Catwalk to Strut Your Stuff

With a “work it girl” attitude and the right pair of shoes, women are unstoppable. So here’s what’s hot, hot, hot this summer (besides the weather)!

1. Boat Shoes

Everyone is talking about boat shoes, and if you don’t own a pair of Sperry’s yet then you better run out and get yourself some because you’re the only one! Boat shoes, which may have been viewed in the past as just a “Dad’s shoe”, have been given a new life in the past year or so. You can really express your personality with the color and pattern you pick, too! Pair them with skinny jeans or shorts and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer look.

2. Sandals

Strappy sandals are a classic summer look. Go for the ones that are nude or slightly brown because they really compliment the seasonal colors and your tan skin! They are perfect for casual, everyday looks and can be worn well with anything – skinny jeans, sundress, shorts, etc.




3. Booties

These booties were made for walkin’! Ankle high boots are a summer trend that continue to grow more popular each year. I finally bought myself a pair this summer! Pair them with a sundress to get a more rustic country feel or with shorts if you’re going boho chic. What’s great about these is that they can even be worn in the Fall/Spring with a pair of skinny jeans!

4. Wedges

Espadrille wedges have been around for ages but never go out of style. Strappy wedges can dress up your summer outfit, whether it’s a sundress or just jeans and a tee.





5. Peep-Toe Pumps


Peep-toe pumps are the perfect style shoes for a night out on the town. Whether you plan on hitting the club or just hanging at a bar with your girlfriends, the peep-toe is the summery alternative to the classic heel. Try nude color schemes or bright and bold – both are in this season!

Looking forward to hearing your questions and comments!

Your fashion guru,