How to become New Yorker in one day.


Tips to fake it!!!. Grab a coffee and take some notes:


If you want to really become a New Yorker I got some tips for you which instant game you need to play. Don’t be shy about it everyone was new to New York one time. I can tell you with unshakable confidence that Manhattan can be excitedly amazing if you know how to blend in.yellow-cabs-1

Welcome to the world of high energy, excitment, intense pace of life, random sex –city that is always open to big dreams, opportunities and competitive ambition. I have lived in New York City for almost 24 years, and consider myself New Yorker at heart.


The city is like overwhelmed foster mother on steroids to all diverse immigrants from all cultures that never sleeps. Everyday it welcomes the world embracing equal opportunities to all. Everyone here has its chance to shine through hard work, persistence, passion in creating their own unique destiny.  Its residents always rise and fall on large dozes of Starbucks coffee. New York mentality of work hard and play even harder sums up the lifestyle of those who are hungry to claim the social ladder and are ready to run over each other. There is no precise schedule to do anything. If you desire to have pizza or ice cream at 1am you can appreciate having access to the best of things around the clock.


As much as you may hate the city on any given day, you would hate even more the thought of living elsewhere. It is often said that New Yorkers are rude, and not carrying about one another but I think what people mean by that is that New Yorkers are more direct.

CHANEL 9People on the street will often comment and ask,  “Where do you color your hair? I have the same dress and bag as you. How much did you pay? If they don’t like the way you treat your children be sure they will reprimand you. And if you try to cut in the front of somebody in check out line you will be swiftly put back into your place”


As much as New Yorkers want to correct you they are also willing to help. There is a theory that living in NYC when disaster strikes creates an instant bond and solidarity among the people. I know when I m about to reach a breaking point searching for a place to fall. But when I return to New York, I realize I couldn’t possibly live anywhere else.

New Yorkers do not look up ever, they always rush catching taxi or clinging to a pole in the subway. They play the game down when passing celebrities and stars as regular folks.


They kill cockroaches with their bare hands while accidently stepping on the rats. People will do anything to get attention.  Everybody has a story. They express themselves through flamboyant fashion, excessive excising, shopping, fine dining, street dancing, and singing while itching for romantic joie de vivre. NY has more to offer culturally than almost any other city in the world. It’s useful to learn how to distinguish and smoothly maneuver between central Park South, West, “Uptide” Uptown and trendy downtown.


Equip yourself with a pair of comfortable shoes, as you will be doing most of the cross long  walking within those chic neighborhoods. And while you march through the streets don’t ever open your big city map disclosing your tourist’s status.

The key to keep Manhattan’s  sane balance and fulfill your huge innovative ambition of being a real New Yorker is to glue big sincere banana smile on your face, avoid cultural misunderstandings and learn to expect efficient attentive service, pleasant attitudes everywhere.

NY is a magnet of stress, hypertension and super fast pace. In order to cope with it all you need to understand some basics and you will be having the last “Big Apple” laugh!

P.S. As always I wold like to hear from you how you fake YOUR WAY TO become a New Yorker? Share your tips…


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