Travel in Style with Durable Luggage

Oh the places you’ll go… as long as you’ve got the right bags, of course! You are both stylish and durable (in a sense), right? So why shouldn’t your luggage be the same!? Check out these brands that are known around the world as the best.


Lipault Paris is known for its lightweight luggage options. Its foldable soft shell bags boast that they “add 0% excess weight and space to your travels”. With the high fees and extreme weight/size limitations these days, lightweight baggage is a huge advantage! Check out their collections here at



Rimowa Germany is among the top manufacturers of luggage in Europe. Valuing durability, their hard shells are always sleek and chic while providing your luggage with excellent protection from certain airport staff who may not “handle with care”. They’ve even combined the hard and soft concept in some of their hybrid styles. Check out all their styles and looks here at


Taking pride in their variety of collections, Tumi has the luggage for any occasion – in any style, I might add. They’ve got everyday collections like wallets and handbags, business collections including briefcases and the like, and your typical travel collections with duffels and suitcases. Check out their entire collection here at

What’s your favorite brand of luggage? I personally like Tumi just because of its versatile selection. They always have what I’m looking for!

Your fashion guru,