Which Look is Le$$?

Have an appetite for designer styles but can’t afford to fund your expensive taste? There are ways around that, so get the look for less! Put it to the test – I bet you can barely tell the difference.

So which memorial day outfit is the knockoff? To your right is the nearly $1300 outfit consisting of a Charles Anastase dress, DVF shoes, and Helene Berman hat, while the almost identical outfit on the left costs less than $300. Save $1000? Yes, please!



These ones are almost identical! Can your hunger for designer styles lead you in the right direction this time? On the left are Christian Louboutin heels which ring up a total of $995! On the right are heels by Jessica Simpson which can be found at http://www.jessicasimpson.com/ and cost a mere $98. When you find a match this close and are on a budget, I’d say why not go with the cheaper pair!?… Except for the fact that the other choice are Louboutins!!! (As you can see, I’m still a little torn.) But at least your wallet will thank you!

This one may be a little easier to tell which is which, but without having one next to the other you would never know. On the left is an original Bottega Veneta that would break your bank at a whopping $4,050! You can grab the one on the right from Forever 21 at forever21.com for $35… That’s over $4,000 you can save for an almost identical look! Incredible, right!?

So we’ve seen it done with clothes, bags, shoes, but you can even steal a celeb’s accessories at a fraction of the cost! On the left are Ippolita teardrop earrings that go for $515, where you can get the look-alikes from t+j Designs on their website http://www.tplusjdesigns.com/ for $12!

Now what if you could get the look for less without feeling like you betrayed your favorite designer by going with a cheaper version? That’s what Boutique on 57 is all about – bringing you real designer fashion at up to 75% off the retail price! Yes, I did say real designer styles and affordable in the same sentence. Check out our collection of top-of-the-line designer clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories at shop.boutiqueon57.com! Stop buy and get the real deal at prices so low it hurts!

Looking forward to hearing your comments and questions!

Your fashion guru,