Why everyone wants a Hermès Kelly 35cm Bag



Everyone knows and loves the famous Hermes Birkin Bag, but the Hermes Kelly Bag has been becoming more and more popular with celebrities and fashionistas alike! But if we want to understand everyone’s fascination with this Kelly Bag, it is important to understand the history behind it! Hermes was originally established in 1837 _53T9565making harnesses and saddles for horses before becoming extremely well known for its beautiful luxury handbags. In 1930, Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, became the unofficial muse for Hermes. Kelly often used the bag to shield her baby bump from the paparazzi with hopes of some privacy. After being photographed with it all of the time, Hermes decided to rename it after her. Thus, we had the Kelly bag!


The Kelly Bag was a favorite bag for the public especially during the 1950’s when Hollywood Glamor was all the rage, but it has remained an icon ever since. It truly is an investment piece and is made to last your whole lifetime. Each bag is made by only one experienced craftsman and each bag can take up to 18 hours to make. It’s incredible craftsmanship is often what attracts the buyer along with its celebrity-like status.Goat skins are used for the lining of the bag, and outside is usually made from crocodile, alligator, ostrich skin or regular leather. Each bag is made out of two alligator or crocodile skins. The Kelly Bag also comes in multiple different sizes from 50cm to 15cm with various materials and colors. There is a long waiting list for this icon  at Hermes Boutiques worldwide. It’s a symbol of wealth and its exclusiveness to the public. However if you don’t want to wait and must have it now you can find it at Boutique on 57. Click here


This Hermes Kelly Bag is ultra-versatile as it can be carried as a satchel or as a shoulder bag as well.  This unique doctor style bag features a belt trim around the top of the bag and it closes with a twist turn lock closure. It has a single top handle with a clochette with two keys on one side and the Hermes signature lock attached on the other side. The beautifully lined interior features one zipper pocket and two patch pockets. A great feature of any Hermes bag is if it is damaged in any way, you can take it to any Hermes store, and they will ship it to Paris for free, where it is repaired for you.

Power, Status, Ambition – An analysis of what Hermes Represents


The Hermes Kelly Bag has been spotted on many different celebrities lately including favorites like the Olsen Twins, Renee Zellweger, and Kelly Rutherford. Rutherford loves her bag so much she even named her oldest son Hermes! Victoria Beckham has the greatest collection of Hermes Kelly bags in the world, worth over 2 million dollars. Victoria may have an obsession with them, but you can rock it just as well! So are you ready to invest in this beautiful and Grace Kelly inspired bag?





If looks could kill, this would be the way to get everyone eyes in the room on you!





The Luxurious Battle of Handbags: Valextra vs Hermes

Hermes is known for its leather and has bags for any occasion, while Valextra is an upcoming brand that is becoming increasingly popular and is getting more interest from the public eye. So which luxury brand is really most luxurious???


Hermes bags are known for their luxurious quality. From day to evening to luggage, you can find many of the styles you’re looking for all made from premium leather.

Check out the entire collection here at http://usa.hermes.com/.



Valextra is a fairly new brand or is at least fairly new at being popular. Its bags are fine and appear clean-cut and very obviously luxurious. Some of its styles are similar to those of Hermes, but that still leaves the question of who does it better?


Where I do believe that Valextra has the advantage is in its variety. Valextra has a wide selection of items within its categories of clutches, luggage, everyday bags, and more. Check out the entire collection here at http://www.valextra.it/Default.aspx.

So who won this royal battle? Why don’t I let you decide… Tell me which designer brand you like best!

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