The Luxurious Battle of Handbags: Valextra vs Hermes

Hermes is known for its leather and has bags for any occasion, while Valextra is an upcoming brand that is becoming increasingly popular and is getting more interest from the public eye. So which luxury brand is really most luxurious???


Hermes bags are known for their luxurious quality. From day to evening to luggage, you can find many of the styles you’re looking for all made from premium leather.

Check out the entire collection here at



Valextra is a fairly new brand or is at least fairly new at being popular. Its bags are fine and appear clean-cut and very obviously luxurious. Some of its styles are similar to those of Hermes, but that still leaves the question of who does it better?


Where I do believe that Valextra has the advantage is in its variety. Valextra has a wide selection of items within its categories of clutches, luggage, everyday bags, and more. Check out the entire collection here at

So who won this royal battle? Why don’t I let you decide… Tell me which designer brand you like best!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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