The real reasons You need to DRESS well for SUCCESS



The cliche that clothes don’t make a woman  is half-truth that creates problem – especially if you grab the wrong half. Every husband in America can vouch his wife is happier, friendlier & more productive when all dolled up in a new outfit. She will put her best foot forward when she shows up in new clothes.  The truth is your outward appearance does affect your image & your performance. Clothes don’t make the man, but good clothes have got many a man a good job. Most large companies make it a rule not to employ anyone who looks seedy, or doesn’t make a good appearance impression when he or she applies for a position. Success is the child of two very plain parents: style and punctuality._53T9818

The consciousness of making the best appearance you possibly can, of always being scrupulous neat and clean, and of maintaining your self-respect and integrity at all costs, will sustain you under the most adverse circumstances, and give you a dignity, strength, and magnetic forcefulness that will command the respect and admiration of others.

The outside appearance is enhancing – or crippling.- the potential of the person on the inside. Employers note that employees do better work.  All other things Being equal, when they are mentaly and sharply dressed. So to improve Your Self-image make or dress up THE outsider._53T9537

Our clothes unmistakably affect our feelings, and self respect . The importance of attending to little details – the perfection of which really constitutes the well-dressed man  or woman.BURBERRY-BLK-JKT-0

From every pint of view it pays well to dress well. The knowledge that we are becomingly clothed acts like a mental tonic.

To your dream DESIGNER CLOSET!

Let me know your reasons why you dress well. As always I love love to hear from you in the comments section below.



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7 Common Clothing Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Dressing well is something that everyone strives for – even if you’re no fashionista. We live in a world where, even if we don’t want to admit it, we are judged based on how we look… I mean first impressions really are everything! So here is a list of no-no’s you should stay away from when picking out your outfit each morning.

1. Too Tight

Everyone wants to show off something when they’re dressing themselves, so the first and most common mistake you can make is wearing clothing that is too tight. Although we wanna show off that flat tummy or those vuluptuous curves, you don’t want to suffocate in your own wardrobe. Tight isn’t always the most flattering, so don’t try to fit into that smaller size just because you want to feel skinnier or you might end up looking like this!


2. Too Young/Old for Your Age

Dress appropriately! I cannot stress this enough! Women in their 40s trying to dress like they are in college just look ridiculous. I’m not trying to be cruel, but it is true! You can still look hot no matter what your age is as long as your dressing appropriately for your age!


3. Detail Overload

Overexposure of logos is never a sign of dressing well. You are not a NASCAR racecar, so you should not be covered in sponsors and logos.

4. White After Labor Day

This rule is as crucial as the laws of physics – they cannot be ignored! Not only should you not wear white after labor day simply because it’s a fashion felony, but also because you should be focusing on wearing colors that suit your skin tone. You want your features and your skin color to look great in what you wear, so don’t wear colors that do nothing for them. If your skin is paler, you shouldn’t always be picking pale colors because your skin will just look dull. Try picking a more vibrant color scheme for your wardrobe! Julianne Moore chose a softer color here and did it right by complimenting her pale complexion.

5. Shapes that Don’t Suit Your Body

Doing this is just you being a hazard to yourself. Even if you are not satisfied with your body shape, you must be aware of what that shape is and how to flatter it. If you have a pear-shaped body and you’ve got those big hips, try wearing something like a wrap dress that draws attention to the chest and waistline instead. If you’ve got a stick-like figure and want to fake some curves, wear clothing that already has its own shape like one of those form-fitting shirts that flare at the bottom or a ruffled shirt with a pencil skirt.

6. Too Busy

Wearing too many prints or buttons can be the epitome of fashion trends gone wrong. Too much of a good thing is bad! Wearing a shirt that has a mixture of different animal prints on it and buttons or such to match may look cute on a 4 year-old toddler, but on a grown woman? Not so much. Even designers get it wrong sometimes – this model is simply wearing too much print!



7. Too Matronly

There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing conservatively, but when your fashion choices are sacrificed because you don’t think you can flaunt what you’ve got in other ways… that is where I draw the line! You can look great without showing off too much skin, but you shouldn’t hide beneath layers of frumpy looking clothes either! Choose a look that is sophisticated yet chic like a dress with a full, flowy skirt paired with a cardigan.

So what do you think the most fatal fashion faux pas are?

Looking forward to hearing what you have to think!


Your fashion guru,