What kind of fashionista are you when vacationing?


Beach, pebble of sand, sound of waves, local bar… Well do you always need to parade and show off your style or would you rather forget all about it during Summer vacation?

Photo1-11. Do you lie how many pair of shoes do you carry in your suitcase?

2. What’s in your cosmetic bag and toiletry? Do you pack sample traveling or full size bottles?

3. Are you able to pack in one suitcase to avoid the risk of paying extra baggage?

4. Do you take fashionable shorts with you?

5. Do you window shop in the clothing store by the beach? How tempted are you?

6. Do you carry every morning your signature designer bag when going to get your coffee?

7. What do you wear in the evening when you go out for dinner? Do you prefer to be casual or you doll up?

8. How do you style your hair when you go swimming?

9. What kind of jewelry do you chose for the beach?

10. Do you manicure your nails?

11. Finally what kind of clothes you would never wear in the beach?



  Let me hear your favorite fashion Beach  story?


To your dream Summer Closet!



The real reasons You need to DRESS well for SUCCESS



The cliche that clothes don’t make a woman  is half-truth that creates problem – especially if you grab the wrong half. Every husband in America can vouch his wife is happier, friendlier & more productive when all dolled up in a new outfit. She will put her best foot forward when she shows up in new clothes.  The truth is your outward appearance does affect your image & your performance. Clothes don’t make the man, but good clothes have got many a man a good job. Most large companies make it a rule not to employ anyone who looks seedy, or doesn’t make a good appearance impression when he or she applies for a position. Success is the child of two very plain parents: style and punctuality._53T9818

The consciousness of making the best appearance you possibly can, of always being scrupulous neat and clean, and of maintaining your self-respect and integrity at all costs, will sustain you under the most adverse circumstances, and give you a dignity, strength, and magnetic forcefulness that will command the respect and admiration of others.

The outside appearance is enhancing – or crippling.- the potential of the person on the inside. Employers note that employees do better work.  All other things Being equal, when they are mentaly and sharply dressed. So to improve Your Self-image make or dress up THE outsider._53T9537

Our clothes unmistakably affect our feelings, and self respect . The importance of attending to little details – the perfection of which really constitutes the well-dressed man  or woman.BURBERRY-BLK-JKT-0

From every pint of view it pays well to dress well. The knowledge that we are becomingly clothed acts like a mental tonic.

To your dream DESIGNER CLOSET!

Let me know your reasons why you dress well. As always I love love to hear from you in the comments section below.



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Colorful Summer Floral Dresses


What is the best way to brighten your summer wardrobe while beating the heat?


After a long, cold winter, floral dresses will finally be blooming into your wardrobe this summer!  Beautiful floral prints are an easy way to lighten up our style for summer and everyone is excited to wear them! It is like having a flower garden right in your closet!_53T9276

These dresses can really bring a lovely feminine touch to your style, without looking outdated.  Not only are they beautiful but they are practical as well. When the temperature starts rising outside, the best way to beat the heat is by wearing a light floral dress. They are also easy to throw on in the morning, and comfortable to walk around in, making your day to day commute a little easier. Floral print dresses are the perfect way to embrace fashion no matter how busy your life style!_53T9234

Fashion designers love to take risks with these prints and are using florals in unexpected ways on the runways. There are countless varieties of floral dresses to suite your mood and style! Big bright flowers with neon colors can perk up your boring work day. If you’d rather keep it understated, try smaller flowers with pastel colors. This style will still give you a feminine feel without going overboard. Or, if you prefer an edgier style, try wearing darker florals with colors like black, dark green, and navy. You can look tough, but still pretty at the same time.  Floral dresses are also an easy way to add a vintage look to your wardrobe. Many designers are drawing inspiration for their dresses from the 60’s era, creating modern dresses with a vintage touch. Whichever floral dress you pick, you are bound to be noticed!230

Once you choose the floral dress that is best for you, it is very easy to incorporate it into your everyday life! It is an effortless way to go from day to night without having to change your whole outfit! You can wear a floral print dress to run your errands or pick up your kids while staying cool and fashionable.  A great way to accessorize it for day is to pair the dress with cute flats or sneakers, sunglasses, and a tote for shopping._53T9663

Then to change it up for date night, throw on a pair of glamorous heels with a clutch and you are ready to go! A floral dress even works for the office! Just add a blazer over your dress, with a pair of heels and you are ready to work. This dress is really so versatile, and you will be wearing it time and time again during the summer. Even when the weather starts to get chilly again, just pair your floral dress with tights and a leather jacket, and you can keep wearing it into the fall!_53T9706get-attachment.aspx

Agnes Kordek Fashion Council helps you find STYLISH VOICE



Agnes Kordek always has big ideas when it comes to Fashion. She is one of those gals who finds a q-tip and with her imagination and creativity is capable of building a beautiful castle. I admired her glory, winning EDGE from red carpets, and TV screens, for years never catching her off the guard. Even through her pre and post pregnancy she always managed to look like a Princess.  I asked her to join me in conversation and share her glamourous secrets with the rest of you. Agnes is a TV anchor/actress. 561906_404794782888279_489264952_n

As a former model she frequently cat walked in top designer runways throughout the world. Aside from fashion Agnes rides horses, plays piano, and sings.

But her true passion for fashion still leads her remaining fresh in full force.KORDEK-

It all started from a desire to make something great. Agnes has it all: She is a natural, with glamour “FAIRY POWER” endowed in Passion, Good Eye for picking WINNER OUTFIT, but foremost hard work to do it in “grand style”.

If there is one think she wants you to know is to be brave. Endlessly test colors, different styles, outfits, be open. Its the only way to get where you want to go and be fearless.

39126_448640833034_995536_nWhen I follow her in the ails of boutiques I immediately sense her strong style’s third eye vision with minimum efforts. Its like all GODS assist her to create her signature  masterpiece look no one can duplicate. From delicate makeup to romantic hair style, through perfectly picked accessories and designer outfit she found a recipe for every day how to stand out from the crowd. 

She got hooked on style from an early age. Thanks to her stylish mom who always dressed her nice. She debuted her stylish journey from her mom’s world of fashion essentials.

” I loved watching fashion shows, and magazines, spying on new trends and creating my own style. My favorites were always accessories shoes and bags.


You need to dress every day and why not make it fun and look your best while finding your own stylish voice. Its not the clothes that will play that role but the way you express yourself through them. Inspire yourself! Look inside you and find that coherent symbioses of familiarity and what makes you feeling good.

427316_10151205687868035_64895422_nYou have to remember that fashion is very unfaithfully transitional that’s why you can’t cope with it to seriously. Just take it with a pinch of salt. Play with it.

376395_10151104088248035_1435928409_nSometimes the trendiest clothes don’t fit my personality or my style. For example I like to mix elegant with casual smart look. You can look sexy in shorts and ballerina flats. Its important to always stay true to yourself. If you feel happy and beautiful everyone will notice and cherish that.

Sometimes simple nail polish change or vibrant lipstick color is enough to add some sparkle to your new look. Pay attention to accessories, because they can change dramatically your outfit. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look fresh and innovative every season. Several Boutiques offer their designer treasures throughout annual sales.

Just ask my dear friend stylist Kasia. Her expertise comes handy offering European designer spread at Boutique on 57 all year around.

You can also network your fashion senses and rescue your girlfriends unwanted wardrobe pieces through mutual exchange. All you need is some imagination. Remember to always wear the most valuable asset to every outfit YOUR SMILE!  Its always in Season”


P.S. I will show you my stylish groove and way how I dress. I hope it will help you to find your own. Choose some clothes, make an outfit and share with me your creative ideas. Send me your pictures and I will be thrilled to whisk you away from mundane trends and will help you look even better. I will post your picks here, show you some simple tricks how I do to improve each look and get your fashion juices flawing.



Agnes truly understands why finding your own voice in fashion is important. Its like system of values. What it takes one can always improve. She is here for you to crown your dashing Diva and declare your stylish magic. Taking care of yourself and being chic can be like steroids for a great life beginning. You need to be courageous, confident, accomplished, and STAND OUT FROM THE REST!


Who’s Wearing Gucci? — The Real Question is Who’s Not Wearing Gucci

I spy with my little eye something that is Gucci… on pretty much every celeb in Hollywood that is! It seems like Gucci is still on top of the world, being one of the top luxury fashion brands that celebs are picking to strut their stuff in down the streets and on the red carpet.  Celebs look great, and so can you. No matter what your body type, Gucci always looks good. Plus, it’s a great brand that is clearly always in fashion.

I love Gucci and wear it myself! So can you – just check out some of the Gucci looks you can get at Boutique on 57! shop.boutiqueon57.com/







Do you like or wear Gucci? Or what is your favorite designer? I’d love to hear from you!

Your fashion guru,



Which Look is Le$$?

Have an appetite for designer styles but can’t afford to fund your expensive taste? There are ways around that, so get the look for less! Put it to the test – I bet you can barely tell the difference.

So which memorial day outfit is the knockoff? To your right is the nearly $1300 outfit consisting of a Charles Anastase dress, DVF shoes, and Helene Berman hat, while the almost identical outfit on the left costs less than $300. Save $1000? Yes, please!



These ones are almost identical! Can your hunger for designer styles lead you in the right direction this time? On the left are Christian Louboutin heels which ring up a total of $995! On the right are heels by Jessica Simpson which can be found at http://www.jessicasimpson.com/ and cost a mere $98. When you find a match this close and are on a budget, I’d say why not go with the cheaper pair!?… Except for the fact that the other choice are Louboutins!!! (As you can see, I’m still a little torn.) But at least your wallet will thank you!

This one may be a little easier to tell which is which, but without having one next to the other you would never know. On the left is an original Bottega Veneta that would break your bank at a whopping $4,050! You can grab the one on the right from Forever 21 at forever21.com for $35… That’s over $4,000 you can save for an almost identical look! Incredible, right!?

So we’ve seen it done with clothes, bags, shoes, but you can even steal a celeb’s accessories at a fraction of the cost! On the left are Ippolita teardrop earrings that go for $515, where you can get the look-alikes from t+j Designs on their website http://www.tplusjdesigns.com/ for $12!

Now what if you could get the look for less without feeling like you betrayed your favorite designer by going with a cheaper version? That’s what Boutique on 57 is all about – bringing you real designer fashion at up to 75% off the retail price! Yes, I did say real designer styles and affordable in the same sentence. Check out our collection of top-of-the-line designer clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories at shop.boutiqueon57.com! Stop buy and get the real deal at prices so low it hurts!

Looking forward to hearing your comments and questions!

Your fashion guru,