Winter white accessories punch from Givenchy and Chanel


Are you always making excuses for not looking your best? 





Cosy soft ivories and beige cashmeres, winter white accessories punch is a way to go this Fall-Winter. Its fashion coolest palette. Pure and simple – effortless sophistication, composed of varying textures. They give you feeling of freshness and fashion-forward all year around. For most people Winter is all about dark colors like grays and blacks, because we worry that it will all get dirty and messy. Winter white is very versatile. Fashionable ivory sweater,scarf, fluffy hat, slacks, or a handbag can be a great simple staple at your wardrobe. Give your look a refreshing pop with a winter white pea coat, blazer, cardigan to go over your darker shades. Your hair color and makeup stands out, skin looks healthier and more radiant. And who doesn’t want it?

Winter white is crisp, clean, and chic. Its my favorite color punch this season. Winter white are great accent pieces to any wardrobe. Do not be afraid to wear it, they make bleach for a reason! If you are intimated by the monochromatic look initiate “baby winter white steps’ with scarf, handbag or shoes.

We would like to hear from you How do you wear white in winter months?


Chanel boots

Givenchy hobo bag

Max Mara cotton top