Who is your best gossiping friend?

011++Picture spending pristine quality time with your pals. Laughing, gossiping, dolling up, or double dating. All this has no limits. In fact Gossiping is the most fascinating because it is, in fact not abstract. It deposits some beliefs, half truths often lies creating landscapes of cosmic importance.
We immediately awaken and radiate to its crop. There are people who naturally romance within us their magnetic charisma at first glimpse. They emanate passion, strong emotions, enthusiasm and joe de vivre from casual elegance.
I am immediately drawn to such scene where uncomplicated facade, open heart, genuine curiosity and generosity grabs me at its core. I personally love to surround myself with people whom together we can shoot for the moon.
We are programmed to create perfect friendships with our double duty where one doesn’t need to wear mask, nor stay on guard  This choice of friendship that we formulate has substance which outlines highly valued points. They bring the best in us and without them we may never achieve some prominence.
Some people’s style, character and taste leaves lasting imprint on our vision and friendship we value and inspire. Until then we can enjoy gossiping about it!

P.S. As always I would like to hear from you what do you think about gossiping? Do you do it behind your pals’s behind. How do you chose people around you? Share your comments, tips, and advice with the rest of us.


YSL red dress

Chanel black jumbo distressed leather bag

Christian Louboutin black patent leather pumps

Violet necklace



More Power of Chanel Classic Bags of your Dreams



Every two minutes, you buy Chanel around the world… Crazy, right?








If you’re like me, you were wishing that in the next two minutes, a Chanel bag would be on its way to your door!

And maybe you were hoping that you could forget about paying your bills this month and put your paycheck towards this instead: A classic, beautiful Chanel bag with that supple quilted leather and sparkly gold chain…

A girl can dream right?

Well, maybe it’s time to turn your dream into reality and start saving up for what you really want!

How… you ask??

Every day you walk past that Chanel bag sitting in the window on your way to work. What would you be willing to give up to finally get your hands on it? When you have a dream you have a responsibility and you are the only one who knows how to get creative. Maybe you’d be willing to give up your Starbucks Caramel Macchiato every morning.  Trust me, even the little things add up!

It’s an investment that you can pass on to your daughter. Don’t procrastinate your dreams because the longer you wait the more expensive your dream will get. Someone once said that time is money, and this really does affect your Chanel investment.


When the day comes that you finally save up enough cash to buy this beautiful bag, you will not be sorry! No matter which classic Chanel bag you choose, you can be sure that it will always be in style. A bag like this is timeless, and will keep you looking stylish anytime you use it. The classic Chanel bag is truly an investment piece and a status symbol that you can’t find anywhere else. Every time you see those interlocking “C”s in your closet it will make all of those sacrifices you made worthwhile.

I’m looking forward to hear how you get creative to buy the Chanel bag of your dreams!

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Wintour-ween Halloween – Fashion Icons are coming




This Halloween season Devil doesn’t wear Prada but Chanel.  Just for a day I have decided to brush elbows with a few Fashion Icons to duplicate looks of mystery, inaccessibility, elegance, glamour, and curiosity. As I was dressing into each character I realized that these icons had something in common. They are unpredictable, original, and timeless.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that all poses and personality came easily.


It was challenging to step into Marylyn Monroe’s shoes and it took me over an hour to master her memorable pose in a white dress. I quickly realized why she became symbol of sex and beauty. Because Fashion gives us so much diversity in expression we continue to re-create flawless looks, behavior, and style adding a little bit of our own ingredient into the mix. To some of us this comes easily and naturally.








Today’s fashionistas have much more pressure to claim the Fashion Icon status. lts no longer sufficient just to master a red carpet walk to become a queen of one.  Competition is fierce and its only through unique creative memorable expression, individuality carried along with assertiveness that will score this crown. So in the meantime practice at the front of the mirror and camera. Be brave! and get your stylish juices going.

Only then can the rest of us can get kick out of your style and declare you a FASHION ICON.

As always I would like to hear from you who is your favorite Fashion Icon and why?  Perhaps this Halloween season you are going to get inspired by their style and will create a knock out costume that you can share here with all of us and get some laughs!!!


Anna Wintour

Blue Girl beige dress

Etro gold jacket

J.Mendel leopard print sable fur cape

Manolo Blahnik beige alligator pumps

Chanel bag

Marilyn Monroe

Blue girl ivory lace dress

Audrey Hupburn

Moschino black dress

Manolo Blahnik jeweled alligator pumps

Karl Lagerfeld

Dolce & Gabbana black purple flower jacket

Chloe black velvet pant

Jean Paul Gaultier

Valentino stripe top


Looking forward to see your costume creative brain storming!!!!<3<3<3