Trend Alert: One Shoulder Dresses and Tops



The latest trend that fashionistas are fighting to get their hands on is the chic and sexy one-shoulder look. The one-shoulder look is one that is timeless, while still being very fashion forward for women of all ages. If you are looking to show off your sexy side without revealing too much, this is the look for you! No matter your size, shape, or age, this trend really does work for everyone, and there are so many ways to wear it! Classically, the one-shoulder look is designed for blouses, tops and dresses often worn by celebrities and fashionistas alike. However, designers started have to apply this idea in different ways for summer styles like bathing suits and cover-ups. The one-shoulder design is one way to really amp up your style without having to change your whole wardrobe.


One of my favorite ways to wear the one-shoulder trend is with a classy cocktail dress, like this Blue Girl beige chiffon silk ruffle dress, from Boutique on 57. This dress is truly a work of art with beautiful ruffles that cascade down the body with elegance. The one-shoulder detail is really what makes this dress a unique piece and different from anything else I’ve ever seen. The ruffles on the shoulder really draw the eye upward towards the face while still being effortless. This detail allows the dress to transform into a statement piece that of which you could wear to any fancy event and truly feel like the belle of the ball.BLUE-GIRL-BLUE-TOP-1

If you are looking for a more subtle way to embrace this one-shoulder look, this Blue Leopard Print top from Blue Girl would be a great option. Although the top still has two shoulders, one shoulder is more defined by extra flowing fabric on one side. It gives you the security of having two straps, while still being able to embrace this sexy style. The leopard print gives this floaty top an extra edge so it doesn’t feel too girly. I would suggest pairing this top with cute cropped shorts for the summer or with some snug cigarette style pants for cooler days. You could even throw it over a pencil skirt, and it would be a perfect blouse for work. It adds a flare of fashion without being inappropriate for your office environment!

Before heading out to stock up on this super-cute one shoulder trend, remember this piece of advice! Make sure to have the proper undergarments!! If you’ve just bought the cutest one-shoulder dress, don’t ruin it by wearing a bra with two straps! Having a bra strap sticking out from one side of your dress ruins the complete look you are trying to achieve, and it’s just not sexy! If you don’t already have one, make sure to invest in either a strapless bra, or one that has interchangeable straps. This way, you can rock your one-shoulder look without ever having to worry about what to wear underneath.

Let me know what one-shoulder looks you like to rock! I want to know what you think about this gorgeous trend!



Dress : Blue Girl 

Top : Blue Girl 


What You Should Be Wearing This Summer

1. The Prints

Prints are in! Printed dresses, printed skirts – shorts, tops you name it! There is an eclectic variety of prints on the runway this season that range anywhere from tribal and cultural prints to animal patterns. The particular dress above can be found here.

2. The Bootie

The bootie is essential this summer. Pair it with a sundress or shorts and a tee. It is versatile and adds a summery touch to any look!

3. The Cocktail

The party has arrived! There will always be parties, and so there will always be cocktail dresses. The above dress is a perfect summer cocktail style with the light purple and equally light material and can be found here.

4. The Neon

Pops of neon are showing up all over the runways. The simple addition of a neon handbag or blazer can add the perfect amount of color to a summer outfit.

5. The Sheer Top

Sheer tops go great with any bottom and are the perfect lightweight alternative to a classy button-up. Whether you decide to dress it up with a pencil skirt or down with printed shorts, it is a great addition to your summer wardrobe!

6. The Maxi Dress

The maxi dress trend is nothing new but it’s still alive and kicking on the summer runways. It provides a great feminine feel. Pair a cotton maxi with sandals for a simple street look or a fancier dress with wedges for a classy occasion.

7. The Bold Necklace

Bold statement necklaces are this summer’s hottest accessory. Wear a solid top with a wilder necklace and you’ve got this summer’s classic look. Try pairing this bold necklace style with the sheer top look! Check out this green forest necklace here.

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