AmFAR Gala New York 2014


Fashion Week is officially open.
















AMFAR-1with Donna Karan 


with Harry Belafonte


with Peter Lindbergh 


with Padma Lakshmi


with supermodel Alek Wek

This was my first time attending AmFAR Gala in NY Cipriani Wall street and certainly will be one of those moments I will treasure forever. Despite low temperatures and freezing winter winds that reminded me of my native country Poland where -30C was just normal winter day the partying had to go on. The world of philanthropy and entertainment was brought together to honor and celebrate brave fight against Aids as well as kicking off opening of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Most beautiful Stars of who’s who in America lined up on the red carpet to honor and support this incredible cause. Thanks to some generous contributions $1.7 million were raised through fashion auctions and private donations to help amFar Aids research programs.  With A+ star attendance the soiree could have been easily mixed for Oscar Night or Top model reunion. My head was spinning in admiration of world’s most beautiful faces dressed in finest fashion could offer. The red carpet hangout was full of cat walk stars from Karlie Kloss, Chanel Iman, Selita Banks and Behati Prinsloo whom I rubbed shoulders for what surely was one of the most glamorous and highly anticipated annual fashion event of the year.

My Polish native Tony Award-winning actress and singer Jane Krakowski opened the stage with her beautiful cabaret singing performance and emerald green strapless dress. I was not aware the POLACK girl could sing like a real diva. Liam Neeson made a surprise appearance as presenter to Vanessa Redgrave and Joely Richardson. Legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh man of the hour was also honored, receiving his award of Courage from Robin Wright for his exceptional contributions to the global struggle against HIV/AIDS. The lovely actress genuinely shared with the audience special moments of praising his extraordinary generosity towards amfAR, which was on display that night with two lots that he donated to the event’s live auction. He also awarded the chance to sit for a private portrait commission with him, a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Harry Belafonte, Chelsea Clinton, and Kenneth Cole spoke beautifully and Grammy Award-winning Nile Rodgers, and Harry Belafonte whom I had a chance to meet and chat. The highlight of the evening was disco queen Grace Jones hitting the stage. She instantly made everyone reaching for their cameras through her spotlight floating and Hula-Hooped performance. At 65 she flamboyantly hopped up on people’s tables, electrifying the crowds with her sky high heels. The room was dazzling in climax. One could say that magnitude of everyone’s emotions were elevated. The gala was full of memorable moments, incredible individuals who make this world a better place for us every day. I m so grateful that I could be part of such an amazing gathering and I am much looking forward to attending it next year.




What would you do if money were not an object?


One day you suddenly woke up with an unlimited supply of money at your fingertips. How would you feel about it? What would you spend it on? A new chapter begins: It is hard to imagine all of the possibilities suddenly available to you! Would you re-decorate?72443_10200886222303000_1242881114_n

Most men I know would hurry to buy luxury cars, maybe even the most expensive car in the world like this one below from Mercedes Benz set in diamonds. world-most-expensive-diamonds-mercedes-car-wallpaper-2013The Lamborghini Veneno, a super-fast sports car goes for a cool $3.9 million dollars and only three are made each year! If driving isn’t your style, you could buy a private yacht to cruise around on the ocean, the ultimate fisherman’s dream! I personally prefer a private jet to avoid all the airport crowds and stress associated with travel. It comes handy once I complete my pilot license and become a pilot!575258_3818207418868_1762907804_n

Some of us dream of something different. Most of us women would love to be able to afford the ultimate, high-end designer wardrobe with shoes, handbags, and jewelry to match. imagesIf money was no option, would you buy a Hermes Berkin bag in every color? or exotic alligator skin with diamond setting that’s reserved only for special few who shop there.  Hermes-BagOr maybe Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse, the most expensive handbag in the world priced at $3.8 million dollars. It would certainly be amazing to walk into Bergdorf Goodman, and buy whatever you would like! Just like a celebrity, you could be dripping with diamonds, and covered from head to toe in clothing straight from the runway!release_diamond_purse(1)

Once you got your fill of diamonds and cars, you could go and eat at all of the most expensive restaurants in the world. I would definitely want to try the Haute Chocolate Ice cream from Serendipity priced at $25,000, topped with edible gold, and eaten with a golden spoon decorated with diamonds. serendipity-ice-cream-sundae-lgOr you could stop for breakfast at Norma’s in New York and get a $1,000 frittata, which is filled with lobster and very expensive caviar. You could even travel the world, trying different cuisines and learning from famous chefs! But I think after all of this food you would definitely have to hire a personal trainer to keep you in shape!fitness_coach_med

Think about this: How much stuff would you need to buy to truly be happy? Do you think that having an endless supply of money makes a person content? Comment and let us know! I think that no amount of money will ever be a replacement for happiness. Even when our economy was excelling in prosperity just few years ago, most people were found unhappy. That’s a proven fact!surrounded-by-money

It sounds corny to say, but the best and the richest things in our lives are the things that are free, like our family, friends and pets. And I promise you, if you are ever down, instead of wishing to win the lottery, try volunteering to help someone in need and you might be surprised at how rich it makes you feel!images-1


Attention Egg Lovers-Full Protein potential is here



A friend like Sylwia Wiesenberg is good to have. She is best known for her Tonique Fitness body work, but she is also gifted Chef. She essentially unites creative mind, brings people together by making healthy comfort food and letting all alliances work themselves out.

Breeding_Ostrich_BerlinOnce again she produced winner recipe simply using the best-of-this-season’s ingredients.

I fashioned myself as her assistant for a day proving to coincide my “gourmet phile” for this special treat. We whipped ostrich egg into a delicious omelet adding some sautéed ramps and seasonal fresh micro greens.

Ostrich egg is the equivalent of about 2 dozen chicken eggs. Its health benefits are greater than some of those found in chicken eggs. It weighs between 3-6lb. They are significantly lower in cholesterol than chicken eggs and have larger amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids. A single ostrich egg has 2,000 calories but you need to divide it by 24 (chicken egg equivalent) scoring total of 83 calories per serving, which is only six calories higher than a chicken egg.


pvQRpmSAq5-DL7sm6mxvDBHK7ILskfvPDqlMKN7qTvwxYYbrIF5oKZ8LCxdi9WqPZ3Cu7bHQJsCHu0UGAOwx8oYou can find it at WholeFood or or your local Farmer’s market. This is quick, easy to make dish everyone would love.  The ostrich egg is said to have been a favorite food of Queen Victoria. 942163_4624416569139_1239007341_n

GMEM8OTZZoIEVBkt2NlN-KsXls-Zf8XCy-0gE2p5OZUjNR9c1IjPcnZ0xBd7e1b8TqarfQkEAiIgXl0QnfJL08K8A34IdYUW6hTmTxIyglwcv25-VgxJJNeiTk8-BUUHoServes 10
We garnished it with ramps, micro greens, radish, fresh stone crab tossed with olive oil, and fleur de sel for even better flavor. (You can also use Himalayan pink salt)Unknown
Every element in this fresh, clean-tasting dish is rich in minerals, proteins, low cholesterol, and its much airier in taste then your ordinary chicken egg omelette.

Use 1 Ostrich egg, whisk it throughly. Melt 1 tbs of organic/natural cow grass fed butter on small heat mixed with olive oil. (I recently discovered ghee which gives a lot of flavor when you sauté your veggies and its Sooooooo delicious )  Add ramps and sauté them for few minutes tossing them throughly. They almost immediately shrink in size. Add whisked ostrich egg liquid and and mix all together. Cook for few minutes constantly flipping it.
Serve with your favorite greens, and veggies. Add smoked salt, and paper to complete this delicious dish.

                                                           Bon Appétit!



Attract wealth, health, greatness & become fearless



I know exactly what you are thinking.  You want it all but don’t believe you can do it or where to start. I understand your pain. I have been there myself and I can tell you there is a better way then just feeling sorry for yourself. You are not alone. Yes you can do this and have it all any time you wish.


My guest Fitness Expert Sylwia Wisenberg will help every step of the way to conquer your fears. She has some valuable fitness game changing ideas. Sylwia Wisenberg is a creator of Tonique Fitness method where fitness birth takes place through new form of squatting and lounging. Her interior brilliance, charisma alters our limitless beliefs and turns them to ashes.

A simple truth rocks our world bad eating, sleep depravation, and lack of exercising patterns-can’t change themselves!  Knowing how higher life is not to be exception to the rule. It is the rule for everyone willing to undertake Sylwia’s advice. I stumbled upon Sylwia’s fitness footprints through the chaos of my own inner voices. She shared her single coherent story about how we live that makes a difference. Sylwia created new reality for my future, and introduced me to who I really were. I was drawn to pursuit whatever its nature had to offer: Good Health is the Basis for Higher growth, evolution, personal development and awakening. Her wisdom helps to liberate women

eatlikeapigfrom the host of fears and unablement that holds our will power hostage. Whenever our fit and well being is compromised or altered, it does so only for one reason: somewhere in some place someone just like you and me suddenly needs change. In the blink of an eye there comes an unexpected, but long-hoped for re evaluation visitation of some Gene in the bottle who can make our wishes through the movement. You wonder what has it been and what yet may be. Most people proclaim their wish to be free, hardly anyone is willing to undertake the serious work required to have their wishes granted. Sylwia is your Gene in the bottle.  But it takes precedence over our latent need to be made a new.


From talking to Sylwia hopefully springs a seed her tireless work out routine and endless compassion helps make possible and understanding that anyone who so desires can realize wholly new order of oneself and start fresh from a scratch.

Now we are all in it and we can totally be candid with Sylwia. Her greatness awaits each one of us, and her generoisity awakens the sleepy fitness warrior within us. It takes on a whole new magnitude.

Anyone who worked out with her graces by her illumination and sees the well being approach anew. To achieve strength endurance what we perceived as impossible now we welcome it as natural. Everything changes forever. Aha moments come with every squad and energizing music. Moments appear out of nowhere and for the most part the major changes they herald go largely noticed by our friends and family. I-LOVE-FITNESS-4

Now go and do it yourself. Vitality begins with you!

Turn wealth into health and greatness now!

Click here to learn more about how to get flat stomach and firmed butt.

You can visit their website



How to get flat stomach & firmed butt with SYLWIA WISENBERG Tonique Fitness




Sylwia Wisenberg cuts to the chase when it comes to revolutionizing your fitness. In her 2 hour Tonique Fitness Class you can expect gradual metamorfosis of your body, loosing weight and gaining lots of confidence. She is there to help you do more then one thing get healthy and fit.  If you want proof that her wisdom and expertise works just look at her body. She is beautiful, successful, energetic and above all always happy. And that’s the key: you need to take care of your Inner Goddess first.

Sylwia is an expert at teaching just that!

Tonique Fitness provides focus, and confirmation as you grow in understanding your limitless fitness nature. With the first squad you become instantly present and very engaged. Sylwia pushes you up and out of your comfort zone and is there to support you through every lounge, squat, and each drop of sweat. 31yvLh5DvYL

The more you practice this routine and see positive results, the more confidence you gain. You will unlock the door to the true self-Godess within you.

Its all about persistently working with your body, mind and soul when the little voice whispers to your ear just the opposite that You can not do it. When you ignore it and handle all three a fit and fantastic physical being empowers your better self. When I travel and gym is nowhere to be around I always make sure that Sylwia’s excersising DVD is with me. All you need is computer or DVD player and you ready to start squatting.

If you wish to take baby steps and follow Tonique Fitness routine from a small screen you can get yourself Tonique Fitness DVD here or click on the image above.


I have learned from Sylwia that fitness is more then just exercise, and eating right. I feel comfortable and encouraged in the environment where she has created a guide and supportive community to keep you in the right mindset. We are all surrounded there by purpose, lots of positive energy, healthy eating recipes and constant moving.

Tonique Fitness is addictive and every week you feel like elevating your level even more.  For those who love challenge and improvement Sylwia’s integrative approach to help all women is inspiring and very effective.  She has that sweet glow and banana smile glued to her face that women always want to be surrounded by her.

XguFmpnkI5QxR6rUqs-nt-MUVU94EOQU3F8vxbiJIws,L8LAiszIxOemMphwfvr6ZyYG2NvNIDHpVI73N-xWIKcWithin 2 hours of this intense workout (I won’t lie its easy) you can expect some zen fit approach getting fit. Great energetic music, supportive co-exercising bodies and time goes by so quickly putting you in the total “spaceless” trans.

Sylwia’s insight, fitness expertise, big heart and smile trumps all. She not only empowered me but brought health, tasty vegan yummy choices, lots of coconuts and friendship into my life. Now I am addicted to two things Tonique Fitness and delicious morning Coconut smoothies.

I m so grateful that I met so many wonderful women in Sylwia’s Tonique class who share the same passion, vision for fitness and living to the world. We exchange recipes, cook for each other always cheering the fullness of our vigor.


481159_10200918698914895_2090231744_nTAKE NOTES, AND ACT ON WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED!

 The miracles that you expect are on its way!

For more information about Tonique Fitness and Sylwia Wisenberg please visit their website

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For affordable designer bag lovers




Bag is kind of something that speaks for itself, right? You can put together an outfit that totally corresponds with you as an individual, complete it with a fabulous darling bag and Voila all eyes are on you!

Glam up your handbag selection without losing a bit of feminine charm.

Oversized bows, metallics, bold colors, frilly details are around this season along with subtle shade of red, pink, melted gold and silver.

These bags might be perfect for everyday, where others you can chose for special occasions. And they promise to make your casual ensembles infinitely more stylish.

Valentino bags are one of my favorites.  They are synonymous with glamour and practicality. Pure Elegance & Style. A particularly ladylike sensibility. Beautiful beading, sequins and embroidery giving the sweet and one of a kind effect.


For busy moms I chose this handy extra jumbo from CHANEL.  Its a great slim Severine investment piece, not because it has a high price tag, but because of its versatility. It has plenty of room, light weight soft black patent leather and plenty of structure.  Though I’m a huge fan of hands-free light weight cross-body bags, this jumbo tote gets my vote because of its extra size convenience and classic timeless CHANEL look.


With this bag you can easily travel and fit all your carry on without any restrictions nor being bothered by the TSA agent at the airport. This bag is also perfect for your weekend get away, go to the gym, keep your computer iPad and work papers in, yet still stuff your kid’s cheerios.

Moms need bags like this that are still upper chic-but useful for their busy lives.

The diffusion of less expensive line RED Valentino captures the spirit of the main collection perfectly, but at a friendlier price point. This cross-body purse is positively perfect to start your chic day. Now you can accessorize with expensive designer bags without braking the bank.


All you need is a fabulous social function to attend!


Who Really Discovered America?

In elementary school we learned that “in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue”, but is it possible that our teachers left out some details on who actually discovered America?

Christopher Columbus

Sure, Christopher Columbus is the most famous explorer to have landed on the shores of the Americas, but was he first and why is the land not named after him? People like when stuff is named after them – the human race is kind of narcissistic in that way. We donate lots of money to build a library – we want the building named after us; so I’m pretty sure if you found a never-before-discovered land, you’d want that named after you too.

Amerigo Vespucci

The reason it’s not called Columbia (or something down that road) is because in 1497 an Italian explorer by the name of Amerigo Vespucci came to the land; and because news had not yet arrived that Columbus was actually there first, he had a mapmaker name it America after himself.

As far as who landed here first (besides the natives because they technically did not land here), there are tons of theories. That is what is so great about this question – there is no rock solid answer.

Leif Ericson

Some historians believe that Egyptians could have been here first, backing up their theory with findings of similarities between pre-Columbian architecture found here and that of the ancient Egyptians. Others argue that Norse explorer Leif Ericson landed on the eastern shores of America circa AD 1000, while still more theorize that the Chinese, Japanese, and Polynesians all beat Columbus by reaching the west coast years before he ever set sail.



So, who is the real discoverer of America? The answer is: who knows!? Got any research or knowledge you’d like to share? Let’s hear it! Who do you know/believe really discovered America?

Your fashion guru,



Best Beach Body Workouts

No gym? No problem! We’ve got the perfect moves for you to get or stay in shape this summer vacay!

Cardio: You’re on vacation – if it’s the typical summer vacay, you’re probably at the beach. So why not take advantage of that and go for a run, walk, jog, or whatever works for you on the beach! Take in the scenery and get a nice breeze while you exercise! If running isn’ t your thing, try one of these cardio workouts which also throw in a few strengthening moves as well! Plus, you can adjust this workout to your ability; so if you’re already a very fit person, try doing 2-3 reps of these exercises at a time.









Arms: Have you heard guys make fun of girls who put their arm on their hip for pictures to make their arm seem skinnier? I have. I have two thoughts on that. First of all, it’s annoying that guys even say that and they can just shove it! But secondly, they are 100% right. That is the reason we do that! Don’t you want to be able to take a picture and not worry about your pose and trying to make yourself look skinnier? Let’s get rid of that underarm jiggle together ladies! Try one of these workouts to tone up your arms.

Legs: Everyone wants their legs to look as hot as a Victoria’s Secret model’s, right? I can’t promise you that us mortals will ever actually look as good as the Angels, but why not try!? Squats, lunges, leg lifts – we’ve got ’em all covered.

Core: Finally, the main problem spot… the belly and muffin top. Try these awesome moves to turn that flab into fab!










Gonna try out these exercises? Let me know how they work out for you! Or share your favorite at-home workouts! I’d love to hear your beach bod secrets. I look forward to hearing from you guys!

Your fashion guru,




50 Shades of Red







Red is an intense color. It seems to affect us on both psychological and physiological levels. Why is is it that red puts us all under its powerful spell? Sheesh, I wouldn’t know where to start in answering that question. The most basic scientific answer to that question is that red has the longest wavelength and is therefore the easiest to spot from a distance. That’s why important things like traffic signs are red. But that’s boring and I’m not going to discuss more reasons behind why red is so attractive to us.

What is equally important though is knowing what messages come across when using red and how we react to the color. Red can have both positive and negative reactions attached to it. On the positive side is strong, bold, passion, confidence, and sexy; and on the negative side is anger, aggressive, and danger.




Red lingerie is considered the sexiest. Women are attracted to men more when they are wearing red. Restaurants often times use red in their stores because it makes the mind think its hungrier. Matadors use a red cloth because it supposedly makes the bull angry (also because it’s easiest to see from far away). These are all facts about the color red and how we are attracted to it. Even red wedding dresses are trendy because of our obsession with the color.

I mean I am currently on the hunt for a red trench coat, sundress, and bra all at the same time. Why red? Isn’t it clear? We are simply attracted emotionally and physically to the color… just like we are to Christian Grey!

So tell me how you wear your red. Or if not red, then what’s your favorite color? As always, looking forward to hearing from you!

Your fashion guru,



Lessons from Roger Federer

Roger Federer taught me a valuable lesson today.

Oops he did it again.

Yesterday few girlfriends of mine came over to support our tennis friend Roger Federer at his 2012 Wimbledon final against Andy Murray. I was a nervous wreck before the match started. I kind of knew what to expect and still painted for fresh air conditioning breeze to unfold this electrifying historic day. The cameras were rolling and sticking to Roger’s face recording this enormous event. 

Roger knew the value of winning this match and making a history.  This meant reaching his 17th Grand Slam, reclaiming his number 1 status of the world’s best tennis player as well as teeing square 7th Wimbledon win with my other friend Pete Sampras. I was suspecting that Pete was throwing some spells at Roger from preventing it to happen. (ha ha) After all who doesn’t want to remain a legend and be remembered as the best ever?

Roger did confirm my suspicion and for the 7th time he grabbed his Wimbledon trophy sealing his win with a sweet kiss on the pot of gold.


What made a difference this time?

Have you ever wondered, as have I, what makes such a dramatic difference in people’s lives and careers? It isn’t always money or talent or hard work. It isn’t that one person wants success and the other doesn’t. You will be shocked and lit up with interest if I told you that distance to getting anything you desire is just 2 millimeters. That’s right you have heard me correctly. This minuscule correction makes your tennis or golf swing more effective, trim haircut invisible, your facelift look more neutral, because your ideal beauty is matter of millimeters, your perfect 2mm veneer smile, your Ipod as thin that fits into your jean pocket, etc. You got the idea. I like to call it 2 millimeter trance

I shared this revelation with my girlfriends as they looked captivated by the validity of my statement, and asked the obvious question?.

-What do you mean 2 millimeters correction trance?

I paused to collect my thoughts and then said.  We are all in some trance.  People are fixated about their problems and their dreams all the time. They are searching too far for the magical formulas to solve or change them.  You need to meet yourself where you already are before you can take yourself to where you want to go. And this distance is only 2  millimeter (metaphorically speaking).

– So you need to step right up?-they all yelled enthusiastically.

– This isn’t at first as obvious as it may appear. The confusion is that wonderful state right before clarity. And Roger got plenty of both during  his game. – I continued without the exhale.

The difference also lies in how attuned each person is to the spiritual forces around them and how they can tap into that power to have a more successful life.

Today Roger discovered the ability to tap into the supreme source of ultimate power, meaning, and he let it all go.  The aura around him was so visible that I felt immediately he owned it within every inch of his body. This was the most magical moment for him by raising to the level of display of outrageous tennis. He entered into the field of magic, charisma hypnotically seducing us all over again with his majestic grace.

Roger made me tick

What does this guy know that you and I can benefit from? He is one of the most down to earth people, and turns into tennis monster on the court.

We normally would do anything for those who encourage our dreams, justify our failures, allay our fears, confirm our suspicion, and help us throw the rocks at our enemies.  I was relieved no one was throwing rocks during the match (nor were there any naked runs through the court). There was a great lesson to be learned right at the front of our eyes. Roger displayed incredible tennis chemistry and encouraged me to never stop dreaming. If this guy doesn’t make you feel like you can unlock the treasure chest of success, fulfillment then you may as well forget any sort of attempt at all.

The point of this confession is that the most magical things in life -on and off the court – are often the result of the correct application of testing and finding our 2 millimeters.

Looking forward to hear about your 2 millimeters revelations.

Your fashion Guru

Kasia Bosne