“Image is everything” At least, that’s what a recent advertising campaign said. While down deep all of us know that’s a lie, many of us still live our lives as if it were gospel truth. We judge book by its cover often missing out what is really crucial and could possibly change our life.  Somehow or another, it becomes built in that we need people to see us certain way as we have only one chance to make a good impression.  We try very hard to be liked and admired, often putting many masks camuflaging our true personality. Everybody does it. I think wanting to be liked starts in the kindergarden and carries us out through the present.

Image control originates from belief that if “I m not ok, and if people get to know me, they will come to that same conclusion, so whatever the cost, I need people to see a manufactured me instead of who I really am. This becomes our manipulation over others.  A fabricated habit in which we desperately need to be perceived.  We are waisting our energy on something that’s not real – it’s an illusion. Our true “spick and span”  personality is within us always ready to shine. We are who we really are in our hearts. And if we radiate with right energy, thinking, enthusiasm the “business” of how people feel about us will take care of itself! It become effortless! chicken-peacock-personality-test


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Nurture the World



So many thoughts go through our heads throughout the day. We often focus on ourselves, our family, friends, work, and our own wants and desires. However, we do not think enough about those people less fortunate than ourselves. What are we doing to help them and to make a difference in this world? What are we doing to be a part of changes we want to see in the world?

Nurture the World is for profit organization that does just that it makes a difference in the world. Nurture is a social and a global project founded with the mission of creating and selling quality products that nurture the world. The project involves well-known people, and top brands. Nurture connects people from all over the world.

Nurture also supports humanitarian organizations and programs that are working to fight hunger. Nurture the World works in collaboration with the World Nurture Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds to ensure nutritious meals for hungry children around the world. A portion of proceeds from the sale of some Nurture products are donated, through the World Nurture Foundation, to the United Nations World Food Programme Center of Excellence against Hunger School Feeding Program. World Nurture Foundation also supports local programs and organizations that are working to fight childhood hunger.

The Nurture bag “Share the Love with Children” is the first accessory in the collection of the company.  This convenient tote is perfect for shopping, grocery and travel. The bag is already available for purchase at Boutiqueon57, Carlos Miele boutiques in both New York and Brazil. Customers can also find it at Dafiti, ASTA and other websites and stores around the world.

By purchasing the Nurture bag, you are not only helping to end childhood hunger, protecting the environment, but also improving the lives of poor people around the world. This project really makes a difference. Let’s join them to spread the word about Nurture! Let’s change other people lives. One Nurture bag at a time!

Buying Nurture bag is a great way to start helping others. However, there are lots of other good ways too! By donating your time, coins, skills, and sharing ideas, you can start to turn someone’s life around. Here’s my advice: dedicate a few moments of your every day to think about others; look around you because there are lots of people who need your help; stop for a second and ask yourself what you can do and how you can help Nurture this beautiful World around you.

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Remember, by changing other people’s lives, you are also changing your life and your world!!!!