Ostrich Egg Omelet and Chocolate mousse for your flat stomach

What’s in Your Kitchen?

Once again, I assisted my favorite gal (founder of Tonique Fitness) in the kitchen, and  today she was Chef Sylwia WiesenbergBoth of us experimented fully with cooking and developed our own passion for balanced, delicious, fresh healthy meals anyone can make and became quite good CHEFS!I  We often rely on each other’s taste of new samplings, always coming out with new varieties and JOCK POT RECIPES.hmtks5pxKgZyS2_bsNco9QdyuM3Hay6KvEQ9ERC47bk

Ladies, we all want to be able to fit into our Chihuahua-sized dresses and to do this, it isil_570xN.155576486 important to eat healthy! In today’s world, it can be so hard to resist the temptation of greasy fast-food when we are on-the go and too busy to cook. That’s why we located high-energy, delicious, seasonal produce from a local Farmer’s Market at Union Square immersing in the best of nature’s beauty loading on ramps, micro greens, radishes and sprouts. Today, Sylwia has shown us how to cook with an item most people are probably too intimated to use, an Ostrich Egg!

BPSkTKV-5wmzSi9795dbgeeEnKZW2Olh1G-N-BoqMaYThey are the giant eggs you see in Whole Foods Market that look like they could have come from a dinosaur or dragons! They may be intimidating, but once you conquer your fears, you’ll find that these ostrich eggs can be the star of your next meal!

They are just SO GOOD!  



You can impress your guests not only with your outfit but shine with your culinary skills as well.C6adeN8-Ju_8wXBZC1K99ZA_E5FaKMbNlT9lOOa4t7g The first challenge is to know how to open the ostrich egg. You can’t just crack it like a regular egg.

Chef Sylwia to the rescue!

She showed  how to graciously open the egg. Be patient to get it all out of the shell. It almost felt like a baby ostrich was going to emerge from the egg! Astonishingly, one ostrich egg is the equivalent of 24 chicken eggs, giving enough food to feed more than 10 people! To give flavor and add nutrients to this dish Sylwia used fresh ramps and radishes. Vegetables like these are a great way to add healthy food to your diet without breaking the bank.

They complete every course and commit you to keep those extra pounds off!


Once we tasted the finished product, I knew that ostrich egg would be in my diet from now on! I could hardly believe that they were healthy meals because they were so tasty!

The frittata and omelet are great healthy options to add to your diet and are very versatile too.

Photo1They can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and you can swap in any ingredients you might have in your fridge at the time!e-Rl6gY-4mKFA21bkorGVaTAupleb3WPHwoSipINYbY

syDgH6TN6SdA_oc7kYx83zE9SWwFBzFLs2zC6c_MMigAnd now that you’ve eaten such a healthy dinner, don’t blow all of your hard work by dessert with a lot of calories! Chef Kasia shared a recipe for dessert that will blow your socks off! We all love dessert, especially chocolate, but there are ways to make your own at home that will save you calories and money! Chef Kasia’s recipe will prove to you that eating clean and healthy can be delicious too!

FpmrwJA0XsbSpOSfC76ODghULRuYywo6odVjy9dgKP8And with all of that money and calories you saved, you can go ahead and feel good about buying that new dress in the smaller size you’ve had your eye on! So, isn’t it worth it to go that extra mile and treat yourself right? Let us know what kind of healthy meals you like to cook at home! Do you like to cook with seasonal produce or even ostrich eggs? If you try any of Chef Sylvia’s recipes at home, let us know what you think! We’d love to hear your feedback!

Create a designer dish you will love!


Bon appetit!


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