For affordable designer bag lovers



Bag is kind of something that speaks for itself, right? You can put together an outfit that totally corresponds with you as an individual, complete it with a fabulous darling bag and Voila all eyes are on you!

Glam up your handbag selection without losing a bit of feminine charm.

Oversized bows, metallics, bold colors, frilly details are around this season along with subtle shade of red, pink, melted gold and silver.

These bags might be perfect for everyday, where others you can chose for special occasions. And they promise to make your casual ensembles infinitely more stylish.

Valentino bags are one of my favorites.  They are synonymous with glamour and practicality. Pure Elegance & Style. A particularly ladylike sensibility. Beautiful beading, sequins and embroidery giving the sweet and one of a kind effect.


For busy moms I chose this handy extra jumbo from CHANEL.  Its a great slim Severine investment piece, not because it has a high price tag, but because of its versatility. It has plenty of room, light weight soft black patent leather and plenty of structure.  Though I’m a huge fan of hands-free light weight cross-body bags, this jumbo tote gets my vote because of its extra size convenience and classic timeless CHANEL look.


With this bag you can easily travel and fit all your carry on without any restrictions nor being bothered by the TSA agent at the airport. This bag is also perfect for your weekend get away, go to the gym, keep your computer iPad and work papers in, yet still stuff your kid’s cheerios.

Moms need bags like this that are still upper chic-but useful for their busy lives.

The diffusion of less expensive line RED Valentino captures the spirit of the main collection perfectly, but at a friendlier price point. This cross-body purse is positively perfect to start your chic day. Now you can accessorize with expensive designer bags without braking the bank.


All you need is a fabulous social function to attend!


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