Vitamins for your cashmere


Cashmere Connoisseur

I have never took a risk to wash my fluffy designer sweaters in hot water. The myth was that they will shrink, become dull, and would end up in the waste basket. So I decided to test its effectiveness and see for myself if indeed they won’t fit my neighbor’s chiwawa.


I was done with expensive dry cleaning unless I had to deal with removing some tough stains from the garments as the last resort.

Jennifer Tyler who is a fine cashmere designer expert came up with her magical fine cashmere wash formula.

Her cashmere wash is just like vitamins for all your sweaters. Its gentle, smells delicious leaving your cashmere soft, fluffy, and looking like brand new.


I continued to wash my sweater in hot water and made sure to follow with the same temperature hot rinse.

The result was astonishing. The sweater came out fluffy, soft, holding its original.




Here are few tips if you decide to wash yours:

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1. Hand wash in hot water

2. Use Jennifer Tyler fine cashmere wash

3. Be cautious with bulky, large pieces. They become extremely heavy when they are filled        with water.

4. Do not hold up a wet piece of cashmere by the shoulders, this will stretch your sweater.

5. Do not wring, twist, or rub. SQUISH!!

6. Rinse with the same temperature of water that you used for washing. A sudden change in temperature will cause your cashmere to shrink.

7. Lay out your semi-wet sweater onto a towel and roll it up. Press out the excess water with the towel. You can even step on it hard.


8. Lay the sweater out on a fresh towel or drying rack, making sure to put the sweater back into its original shape. It will dry exactly the way you place it.

Happy washing!

Let us know your best way of taking care of your cashmere.