Drink of the Summer: Skinnygirl

Be a Skinnygirl this summer with Skinnygirl Cocktails… the most fabulous drinks a girl can ask for. They bring you “all of the cocktail options you want, without the extra calories you don’t”.

Skinnygirl now offers three different lines of drinks: Vodka with Natural Flavors, Ready to Serve Cocktails, and the Wine Collection.

Vodka has always been a favorite even when its naked, but when it’s spiced up with fun flavors like tangerine or coconut it’s hard to resist!






“If you like piña coladas…” (I hope you just read that to the tune of Jimmy Buffet) then the Skinnygirl ready-to-serve options are great for you! From sangria to margaritas, they’ve got you covered with delicious cocktails. Why waste time slaving over a cold cocktail shaker when you could be putting that time to much better use drinking!?



“It doesn’t matter if the glass if half empty or half full. There is clearly room for more wine.” With its own red and white blends and the next generation of rosé, you can go to a wine-tasting event in your own kitchen!





Let’s celebrate happy hour together the Skinnygirl way! Check out the rest of her collection at http://www.skinnygirlcocktails.com/.

 Looking forward to hearing your comments and questions!

Cheers to your health! Your fashion guru,



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