Say Yes Say Yes with Tony Robins and unleash your power within you






4 intense days with Tony Robbins in NY and I can say with certainty my power is unleashed.  Call him a charlatan, magician, charismatic master, but I simply declare him worker of Vital Life for everyone.  It took me 16 years from initially randomly hearing about Tony Robbins magic to finally get myself committed to this event. I am so glad I gave myself a gift of inviting this amazing life changing journey.

Tony’s passion and dedication is to help millions of people from all over the world to overcome their fears, reverse their limitations, and reach out for what always seemed impossible.

He spares you no time holding on to old beliefs skillfully braking old patterns of thinking and behaving.  The incredible energy filled the room during the UPW event with over 5000 strangers who hugged and embraced at every opportunity eager to start life without limits.  We didn’t have to wait long as our first big and very “HOT” test was to be followed.

In my wildest dreams have I imagined myself walking on 1200F hot stones bare feet.  The energy was thriving, everyone was cheering under dimmed lights, music pumping adrenaline in my veins initiating strong screams  of YES YES YES I can do it.  I hold on tide to my Cool Moss mantra as I was FIREWALKING with authority.

This long weekend is all it took to give in. I felt even more elated when leaving. Its extraordinary how much knowledge  I took with me from this event. I found myself looking at every part of my life and seeing what I needed to do to succeed.


If you want to unleash your power within Visit their website