Lady Gaga is in love with Kobi Levi

Why women are so obsessed with shoes? 

Kobi Levi is one busy men.  Israeli native shoe designer and footwear developer took shoe designs to another level of imagination snuggling lots of humor in them.

Its easy to understand why women obsess with shoes when so much Detail, Precision and Love is put into his designs.  Kobi finds his inspiration in simple object of every day life.

Even though he doesn’t design shoes to be worn to the supermarket, rather employs great innovation that drops your jaw and makes you wonder. Sleek lines and smooth detail reflects perfect balance of rebellion and luxury with every step without braking the sweat! Each pair is piece of art with unique soul on its own.

They are hand made in his native Tel-Aviv design studio, one of a kind or produced in limited edition.

The completion of new design takes approximately 4 weeks, and final results are very rewarding.

His clients include LADY GAGA who wore his shoe designs “Double boots” in Born this Way video.  My favorite is Madonna that Kobi designed in her honors capturing her flamboyant and ferocious personality.

His dedication to its artistry rewards individual personal style in defining the person’s character.

I had an opportunity during my recent visit to Israel interview Kobi and dance in Lady Gaga’s boots. They were indeed very comfortable and it was a lot of fun to follow GAGA steps!

Visit Kobi Levi website


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