Signature Leopard print no woman should be without

Leopard print philosophy is simple.  Its one of the hottest trend for Fall.  Season after season this cycle’s  “mantra” is ageless, and timeless. If you have some pieces in your closet hiding somewhere, now its a time to get them all out!

Dressing in animal print manages to be chic, racy, and practical. The uniformity of its graphic pattern flatters all shapes and sizes. The versatility, mystery, and of course leopard power strikes major sex appeal.

Dolce & Gabbana have been using leopard print as their garment lining signature. Christian Dior, John Galliano, Roberto Cavalli  have been known to create leopard print master pieces.  Everyone from Sophia Lauren Italian movie star covered every inch of her flawless figure in leopard print jaw dropping sexy dress. My favorite Grace Kelly leopardizing in fur coat and a pair of hot dark sunglasses. . And of course, Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson in the Graduate, the seductive proto-cougar in leopard lingerie.

Leopard print clothing, when coordinated correctly, can become a year-round chic addition to your wardrobe.  From handbags, shoes, and accessories you can embrace the trendy scene for many more seasons to come.  

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