Nature’s Harvest Granola for your breakfast

You are going to be grateful for trying this delicious  ALL NATURAL Nature’s Harvest Granola.  But don’t just take my word for it. This is National Association of Specialty Food Trade (NASFT) Award-Winning GRANOLA for its  Best New Food Product at the Natural Products Expo.  Incredible crunch, low 120 calories, low sugar 7g, rich on fiber 3g, loaded with healthy whole grains and anti oxidant-rich dry fruit. 

This is my newest yummy discovery that I am so excited to share with you all.  Its innovative product quality excels other Granola brands decisively.  Just check the nutritious label to prove this point.  I declare it best tasting and healthy GRANOLA on the market!!!!!   All my friends are enjoying it as well. 

I have been searching for a healthy quick breakfast choice and became immediately drowned to it by a beautiful fun package highlights design. Something about the healthy granola’s appeal had me at hello instantly. I am so glad I followed my intuitive “gourmand” instincts.

Since I have discovered it’s availability at New York’s Grace Market it seems there are lots of fans out there who keep this Granola shelves empty making it record braking sold out. The store stuff just nods and smiles when I m looking for its replenishment acknowledging that they also have tried it and loved it.  Even cashier’s girl rambled how much she loves it when I was checking out.

My favorite flavor is Almonds, Pecans & Oats

Skipping a breakfast is probably a bad idea. Scientists prove that its the most important meal of the day.  We are more productive, focused, and are able to keep the healthy weight and metabolism running smoothly. Its the best way to assure fitting into your Chihuahua size dresses!.

Mix it with Greek Yogurt 90 calories, 0% fat, and berries of your choice. BON APPÉTIT!

For more information visit their website


World according to Bergdorf’s Blondes

Jason Dolan top hair colorist in John Barrett hair Salon knows it best how to create Bergdorf Blondes.  I have been transforming my blond hair color with him for the past 10 years.  Incredibly good and confident at what he does Jason boasts a large and devoted following, including many celebrities, and TV shows.

He brings life and luster to any shade of hair, yet he has a particular talent of giving highlights its natural look. His gift thrives on creating marvelous new looks for those in need of a color boost.

I like the fact that my hair is treated with the most innovative professional hair color system from L’Oreal INOA which is ammonia free, has no odor, optimizes scalp comfort, maximizes sublime shine, and covers 100% white hair.

54% women in US color their hair.

The world according to blondes is more FUN!! 

Sadly I must report as being on both sides I felt more visible as a blond.

Here are some interesting statistics for Blondes leadership:

  • Blondes get more dates on service
  • Blondes increase in higher self-esteem.
  • Most likely employers will hire Blondes for legal professions or any other brainy fields. So much for Dumb Blonde.
  • Did you know that Famous red hair Queen Elizabeth was natural Blond, as was a raven-hair beauty Cleopatra.
  • Blondes always seem to be the center of the controversy
  • Best jokes are always about Blondes
  • Blondes get more mosquito bites. (Evidently mosquitos prefer Blondes)
  • Blond girls power has been trademarked.
  • Blondes owe to French chemist Eugene Schuller who in 1907 created a Bottle and a Dream Blond hair dye.
  • In 1911 Blond Bombshell Jean Harlow was born, who became “The It Girl”.
  • In 1953 the Blond Goddess Marilyn Monroe was featured on the cover of Playboy magazine causing  revolutionary Blond movement.
My favorite Famous Blondes: Madonna, Princess Diana, Merilyn Monroe, Jennifer Aniston, Claudia Schiffer.
Coloring your hair may seem like an art to most people, but there is actually a lot of science behind it.  John Berrett hair salon is located in the penthouse floor of Bergdorf Goddman and is favorite destination of the STARS…

Show me your closet & I will maximize its space

No matter how many clothes you have, sometimes you just can’t find anything that matches, or you’ve completely lost track of your favorite outfit.  In reality we only use 20% of what is in our closet.  I sign under that statement and noticed that most of my clothes just gang there unworn.

I can’t deny it.   I decided to use a season change as a perfect excuse to edit and simplify my own closed using 5 simple rules that have been working for me perfectly.

Here they are:

Rule   #1 

Keep only current weather season clothes in your main closet.

Rule   #2 

Choose Karen Rhodes skinny velvet hangers and save enormous amount of space.

Rule   #3

Organize your closet by the Category: bottoms, tops, dresses, and evening.  Separate delicates with fragile beading and embroidery protecting them in clear plastic or garment bag.

Rule   #4

Organize all your categories by color.  Start with: white, creams, beige, peach, pink, red, fuchsia, purple, light gray, darker gray, light blue, darker blue, navy blue, brown, and black.

Rule #5

Put away what you don’t need with space saver boxes.  Reisenthel collapsable boxes are not only beautiful, but very practical.  Light weight and very functional for any closet’s shelves. They come in different sizes and are perfect to store your gloves, hats, socks, tights, undergarments, scarfs, and anything else you can have easy access to.  If you want to get really neat you can get additional dividing velvet compartments interiors at Container store that will keep your colors, and categories in order.

I also love to put delicious sents and travel size air purifiers that are available at Frontgate to keep everything fresh and to prevent musty smells in clothing.



I like to open my closet each time and make a dressing experience very special!!