I can do it with Louise Hay

What a weekend I had! Inspiring, empowering and filled with lots of meaningful messages. Louise Hay knows it best when it comes to standing behind the mantra



In her 2 days seminar organized by HAY HOUSE in NYC full empowerment lives through us to embrace just that.  We need to wake its conscious, find purpose in life, what moves us, excites us, and what we are passionate about.

Sometimes when life sucks shift happens unexpectedly.  It addresses challenges for us and badges new paths to grow.  We are given a second chance to create a life defining our core identity.  So when you find yourself in the middle of the storm and when you look into its eye how would it make you respond differently? Perhaps the simplest and foremost answer to it is the essence to Love, forgiveness, let it go and learn from it.  So ITS ONLY LOVE AND THAT’S ALL as the Beatles sing. …  And honestly Love is something most people don’t understand.

Reaching point of no return is simply a moment that brings us to the summation that it’s never too late to change, break our thinking patterns that are responsible for our feelings of how we perceive the world.  Overcoming the fears and worries that can manifest in unleashing our full power.

And how do we perceive the world?  As Louise pointed it all begins in our mind.  Our thoughts shape our reality; create the outcome for our feelings, which are the currencies we buy our life with. When I connect all the dots I like to think of it as “ THE WORLD HAS BEEN CREATED FOR ME” as I have learned about it from one of my favorite popular Broadway show “Everyday Rapture”.  Our world of half-truths did not happen by accidents.  We can’t miss the biggest story of our life-the story that takes place right under our noses.

Louise encourages the importance of practice daily affirmations and gratitude at the front of the mirror.  It’s the most powerful way of self-acceptance and loving, however at the same time the most difficult for majority to practice and accept.This is the only way that will diffuse and differ when we think too much about future and ourselves.

We are blessed with so many gifts one of them is our Imagination that declares our reality. But make no mistake! This is not a fantasyland.  It’s a clear path for everything to get better through constant affirmation remodeling exercise.  We are able to co-create the world by showing up differently, by giving a world a purpose.  Reinventing an authenticity to new YOU.

All is well.

My favorite quotes from the seminar:

1. Formula for success; First we must be so we can do so we can have.

2. Universal language is Smile

3. If you don’t have strong NO you will have weak YES

4.  Tell the truth even if it pisses someone off

5.  I love life and life loves me

6.  If you think something is missing in your life its probably YOU

7.  Dear God show me the truth about myself no matter how beautiful it is!



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