Taste your wine like a pro


Gabrielle Vizzavona
French wine expert, member of “French Sommelier Association”, and TV host taught me how to taste wine like a pro.  Learning it was an adventure for me, and truly deepen my wine appreciation for both wines and winemakers. We started with wine basic senses of looking at wine, smelling, tasting it and of course lots of spitting!!

Gabrielle described general characteristics of wine with the range of flavors, and aromas.  I learned that wines have four basic components: sweetness,  tannins,  alcohol,  and acidity. A good wine will have a good balance of all for characteristics.  Aging will soften tannins. Acidity will soften throughout the life of a wine as it undergoes chemical changes which include the break down of acids.  Fruit will rise and then fall throughout the life of a wine. Alcohol will stay the same. All these factors contribute to knowing when to drink a wine.

Throughout her adventures international wine taster Gabrielle found some amazing wines almost everywhere.  Here is her favorite California & Oregon wine list recommendation for wine lovers.


Belle pente riesling 07, Muller thurgau (12 doll), Riesling 09 (20 doll), Patz & Hall, Hanzel (pinot noir), Joseph Phelps (bordeaux blends), Lagier Meredith (Shiraz), Viader (petit verdot), Calera pinot noir 07 


For more of Gabrielle’s wine tips visit her website www.gabriellevizzavona.com


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