Can You Sing Like Lady Gaga or “You Have to Be Born This Way”

Do you want to be the best singer you can be – with the greatest range, tone quality, stamina expression you are capable of? You came to the right place.  And, no matter what your style, getting the basic vocal instrument in tip-top shape is the place to start. Just ask Kurt Robinson who has taught best of over 10 years effective Vocal Coach training. He takes you step by step to make you the most flexible communicator you can be. In singing, as in sports, the muscles needed for performing have to be exercised.  Daily practice will give you the confidence to sing whenever the occasion arises.

Kurt’s clientele have enjoyed thriving performances in someof the hottest Broadway productions and national tours, including Rent, Billy Elliot, In the Heights, Hair, Spring Awakening, The Color Purple, Hairspray, Wicked, The Lion King, Tarzan, The Little Mermaid, Phantom of the Opera, Dream Girls, Guys and Dolls, West Side Story, A Chorus Line, Producers, Chicago, Spamalot, American Idiot, and the Radio City Rockettes. He has coached recording artists for the Columbia Artists, Jive, Def Jam, Epic, Atlantic, and Nickelodeon labels.

Kurt maintains a private studio in New York City and works regularly with students across the United States, in L.A., in Europe, and in Japan. He is on faculty at the Broadway Dance Center in New York and is a headlining vocal coach for MSA Talent Agency NYC.  Kurt workshops for the Jikei Group Music Conservatories in Tokyo, Japan.  He holds a Master’s in Vocal Performance from Manhattan School of Music.

Kurt’s vocal technique enables anyone to sing better effortlessly!


So You Want to Dress Better?

I have made a compelling case on the importance of a well-dressed woman.  Few simple secrets for building a basic wardrobe and improving their general appearance-it’s not meant to turn you into a trendy hipster overnight. Your body is a temple that deserves to be worshipped.

Don’t forget that the basics are timeless: Less is more. Solid colors, elegant white and black shirts, blue blazers, lace-up dress shoes, and white sneakers. You’ll always look presentable.

Remember to wear clothing which fits well. Clothes a size too small do not make you look thinner or smaller. Dark clothes will help you look a little thinner.

Dressing right can be very important to a lot of us. Just make sure to wear comfortable stylish clothes that compliment your beauty and confidence! Below is the picture of Serena Williams wearing Blumarine blk dress available at Boutique on 57:


Lady Gaga Favorite Shoes by Kobi Levi

When discussing shoes, one might notice a certain flurry of excitement overcome any red-blooded woman. The rules of logic cannot explain why shoes, more than any other piece of clothing, leads to such a reaction. Though one person knows why, Kobi Levi’s “shoe creatures“. They  might make you wonder how it’s possible to teeter on high heels inspired by chewing gum, chopsticks or toucans.  But the Israeli designer says they’re intended to be worn — just ask Lady Gaga, who wore a pair of his shoes in her video, “Born this Way.”

The Israeli designer Kobi Levi specializes in designing unusual footwear that blurs the line between fashion and art. They are the jewel in the crown of shoe design. For him, the shoe is just a canvas for creating something unexpectedly beautiful. Levi graduated from bezalel academy of art & design, Jerusalem and has worked as a freelance designer since. he describes his personal shoe creations as ‘artistic footwear’ making each pair in his studio by hand. The trigger to create a new piece comes when  an idea, a concept or an image comes to mind and then to life.


Save space in your house with Garde Robe

Imagine the luxury of endless closet space? Thanks to Garde Robe world’s first and only luxury wardrobe storage based in Manhattan, New York City members can maintenance their off-season or infrequently worn wardrobe furs, shoes, hndbags, and accessories.

Garde Robe offers impeccable solution for storage and valet service providing first – class climate control environment.  It also serves as a host of elegant and convenient “wardrobe butler” services for fashion devotees with extensive and beautiful wardrobes.

Garde Robe’s seasonal service allows Quintessentially Members to switch their closet from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer garments without lifting a finger, freeing up much-needed closet space year-round. Unlike standard storage companies, Garde Robe’s wardrobe experts will come to your home to pack and collect the items that are not being worn regularly as well as photograph and catalogs every stored item, thereby providing clients with 24/7 visual access through their exclusive “Cyber Closet” concept.

Offering same-day delivery and pick up service, Garde Robe delivers your desired garments in ready-to-wear-condition upon request. You can also enjoy your travel luggage free. Just leave it to Garderobe who will pack and ship your belongings anywhere in the world.


Love It or Hate It but MUST SEE IT! The Villa By Bartong-Gianni Versace

After being closed for nearly 13 years, the house which belonged to the stylist Gianni Versace in Miami has been transformed into a luxury boutique hotel called La Villa Barton G

The hotel has been restored by Barton G, one of the most famous event producers in the United States. With total of only 10 suites decorated with Versace objects, spacious bathrooms with Italian marble, and a swimming pool with golden details remained in true fashion.

The most famous room is the Suite Villa, which was the room of Gianni Versace. The result is truly a touch of luxury, with pieces of gold everywhere. You will be surrounded by pure atmosphere of luxury and the doors of La Villa are awaiting to welcome you.

Visit their website:


Transform Your Life and Your Closet Just by Being Who You Are!

Come join us to savor the tastes of wine and PopChips among other refreshments while upgrading your wardrobe and spiritual life. Stop by Boutique on 57 to meet Author Pamela Jo McQuade and hear her discuss her new book Spiritually Rich And Sexy.” 

 If you bring and donate your gently worn shoes, Boutique on 57 will give you a 10% discount off your purchase that day. Plus for every book that is purchased that day, Pamela will donate $1 to Soles4Souls.

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Who Else Wants to Fly Private Jet?

Learn to fly from the NY’s best high quality training Performance Flight. Its reputation has been solidified as one of the best flight schools in the world. Some people learn to fly because they want to go places, and other pilots discover that’s one of the benefits of having a pilot certificate.

Imagine the benefits of flying. You can travel among thousands of community airports often much closer to your destination than 500 or so US. airports with airline service. And you can set your own schedule.  Regardless of what you fly, you will find that getting there is at least half of the fun. Performance Flight maintains among the highest standards of flight training available. They don’t look at FAA minimums as benchmarks, but instead help students achieve their overall goals at a pace that’s conducive to their lifestyle.

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Performance Flight


Once Upon a Gucci White Blouse…

If you like white shirt look I put classic white Gucci blouse to a test and created multiple easy simple and elegant ways to wear it.

Let me know which one is your favorite?
You can dress it up or down.  Its also great with denim jeans, shorts, capris, or un tucked for laid back appeal.

Runways and red carpets may be chic, but for real women true fashion statement is happening  every day on the sidewalk. Its all about putting it together with right accessories, shoes, jewelry and makeup. “We are in a very polished moment”. I have never been a big fan of trying to look like someone else. Inspiration comes whatever catches my eye, whether its a movie, or amazing fashion story in a magazine. If you can make 3 different ways to wear your outfit then buy it! A nice white shirt paired with anything makes you look instantly fresh and chic!

Check for your favorite designer white blouse collections at


Behind a Great Skin There is Always a Great Aspirin Yogurt Mask

The secret to a beautiful skin is an ASPIRIN MASK

Consider turning a few tablets of aspirin into a fantastic mask to treat and condition your skin. You will be surprised when you visit your local drug store just to find out that most acne products contain aspirin in their ingredient list. Use this mask weekly and discover best results your skin can possibly have in years.The combination of salicylic acid and AHA seems to do wonders when it comes to active pimples and even red marks and scars.Though the latter two takes considerably more time to see results.

In addition to being easy to make, the mask is easy on your budget and can be made with several different types of aspirin that are probably sitting in your medicine cabinet right now. Add a spoon of a natural plain yogurt to sooth and moisturize your skin.
Keep in mind, if you have an allergy to aspirin, you should avoid using this mask, since your body will absorb the material the same as if you were to orally take the medication.

25 Creative Ways to Tie your Louis Vuitton & Hermes Scarf

Seduced by the texture, design, color and fabric of scarves we can deepen their allure by the way we wear them. The diverse techniques of scarf tying make scarves an exciting and versatile addition to your wardrobe.

A single scarf can transverse the many terrains of our complex lives.

From the simple knot of the business woman to the glamour of a starlet – in just seconds one scarf can take a professional woman and transform her into a sexy siren! The creative potential of scarf tying is limitless. We know, however, like an artist staring at a crisp, unblemished piece of paper, getting started can be a little daunting. So here in this video are some great suggested styles to get your creative juices flowing.